You Really Need to Know Who Chooses Moderators for Presidential Debates


President Obama mocked the Republican candidates for allegedly not being able to handle CNBC moderators, however, he is wrong, they handled them very well. It was the moderators who came out looking like the losers of the debate.

Obama was also referring to the fact that some of the candidates would like to lay down some rules. Maybe there needs to be some, starting with the Commission on Presidential Debates.

When are the Democrat candidates going to appear on Fox for a debate or allow Bill O’Reilly or Megyn Kelly to interview them?

The Daily Caller posted an article about the Commission that chooses moderators for the debates between the Republican and Democratic Party candidates. There is a possible conflict of interest brewing, they reported, since Bill Clinton sits on the Commission and his former spokesman does as well. It’s not only that, most of the members are Progressives and the small number of Republicans are mostly liberal.


The Commission on Presidential Debates decides the moderators for the presidential debates. Their mission is to provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners, according to the website. They claim to be non-partisan and not tied to any political party.

You might remember the 2012 debates in which Candy Crowley, a commission member, interjected herself into the debate and damaged Mitt Romney’s credibility.

The executive director of the commission is Janet H. Brown, a former White House official.

The co-chairs are Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., a Republican and Michael D. McCurry, the former spokesman for President Bill Clinton,

Former President and Progressive Jimmy Carter has sat on the commission.

Republican member, former Sen. John C. Danforth, is a social liberal.

The commission’s members also include Dorothy Ridings, president of the progressive-leaning Council on Foundations, and Newton Minow, the progressive-leaning former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Antonia Hernandez, a former president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Eduction Fund and a member of the progressive American Constitutional Society, and Howard Buffett, the son of billionaire Obama-bundler Warren Buffett.

CBS’ Bob Scheiffer is a member and he is a Progressive. Jim Lehrer works for PBS, which is supported by the government.

Reverend John I. Jenkins is the president of Notre Dame who invited President Obama to speak despite his stand on abortion. He oversaw the covering of the cross when the president spoke.

Leon E. Panetta was a CIA Director under Barack Obama.

Olympia Snowe is a liberal Republican.

Shirley Tighman president emerita of Princeton University oversaw increased diversity in Princeton and celebrated alternative genders while promoting LGBT causes worldwide.

This panel needs a shakeup.



  1. This is good to know. One thing we should be hearing about from honest media is the removal of this commission from any decision making. Trump has already been doing that by negotiating separately.

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