You Think You Have a First Amendment? Ask Lauren Green!


Lauren Green interviews Reza Azlan

Photo of Lauren Green interviewing Reza Azlan

The leftist media is burning up with vile attacks against the religion correspondent for Fox News, Lauren Green, for daring to ask probing questions of Christian-turned-Muslim sociologist, Reza Azlan. Azlan wrote a Christ-bashing book called ‘Zealot.’

Lauren Green is probably the last of the religion correspondents in the news media. Religion is now taboo unless you are a Muslim.

After Green interviewed Azlan, the liberal media went on a Green-bashing tirade that is growing legs. It should prove another worthless distraction from the Obama scandals and the economy.

One of the obvious and harmless questions she asked of the author was:

“Now, I want to clarify: You are a Muslim, so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?”

Azlan’s response was condescending and obnoxious but that seems to have escaped the left’s notice.

Green’s question apparently offended WaPo’s Erik Wemple who then wrote two pieces about that question demanding Lauren Green apologize for asking it. He said she asked ‘stupid and prejudicial’ questions.

Piers Morgan felt it ‘distasteful’ that she asked about his credentials. Meanwhile, Azlan said he had a Ph.D. in the history of religion which he doesn’t have. He took some liberties to prop up his credentials. His Ph.D. is in Sociology.

Patheos wrote, ‘Green’s questions were simplistic with a hint of religious ethnocentricity–some would say even bigotry. She did not understand that academic researchers can (and do) distinguish their personal religious orientation from their academic work. And why wouldn’t a Muslim scholar of the history of religion be motivated to write about Jesus of Nazareth? Why would someone need to be a Christian to be interested in Jesus–particularly from a historical point of view?’

Patheos apparently lacks the brain power to understand that a Muslim demeaning Jesus Christ in the name of research and discourse might be questionable and worthy of investigation.

To see some of the vicious and insane comments over this interview, click here.

Azlan claimed his book does not attack Christianity but that is blatantly false.

Among the accusations made by Azlan in his book are that Jesus Christ is not the son of God and the Crucifixion was the result of Jesus Christ’s attempts to foment violence. Azlan said ‘what a trouble maker he [Christ] must have been’ to have been crucified; crucifixion was reserved for insurrectionists, he said.

Azlan also wrote that the historical Christ and the Catholic Church’s mythical Christ are nothing alike.

No one cares that those statements by Azlan are very insulting to Christians. They only care that he was asked questions about the book.

Alzan also claimed his research was based on a 1,000 books. Really? Seriously? I want the bibliography.

This issue brings up serious First Amendment issues. Does a journalist have the First Amendment right to free speech any longer? Green’s real crime was asking a Muslim why he wrote a Christ-bashing book which Azlan condescendingly claimed is not what it obviously is.

The Christ-bashing movies based on the book should be out in the theaters soon.

This is also an attack on Fox News of course. Read more at Fox News. Check out the interview here.


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