You Will Be Surprised by What a Former FBI Official Has to Say About the Militia in Oregon



Danny Coulson, former FBI Assistant Director, knows the men in Oregon who are standing up to the government and he describes them as Patriots. This isn’t Ruby Ridge or Waco because these are normal men occupying the refuge center, Coulson said. The militia is comprised mostly of veterans – patriotic, loyal Americans.

Coulson said it’s a trespassing charge, that’s it. They are not criminals. He mentioned the Hammonds’ arson situation but there’s a lot more to that story. Read about it below.

Josh Earnest said today that he doubts Obama will discuss this situation with Loretta Lynch, for whatever that’s worth. One has to wonder if this will end up in terrorism charges or squatting charges. They seem to want to downplay it and treat it as a local issue. This could be used by Obama to demean right wingers or it could hurt him and cause an uprising by people on the right who he has demonized since entering office.

The last time we saw occupiers, which is what these men are, the government lauded them. Nancy Pelosi praised the occupier movement as “young,” spontaneous,” and “focused,” but that was because they were communists and socialists. You won’t hear her say the same about these men.

Originally, this group was standing in defense of the Hammonds – father and son. They had engaged in two controlled burns on their property which spread accidentally to government lands. There is some question about whether it was deliberate or not but no evidence. The government has been continually harassing the family because they want them to sell their ranch to their government.

The two men were sentenced to three months and a year but the government changed their mind ten years later and decided to extend their sentences to five and four years. Dwight Hammond Jr. aged 73 and his son Steven are turning themselves in at a California prison today but will ask for clemency from Barack Obama. What chance do you think they have to get clemency?

These men were overcharged and there was no need to charge them as terrorists but their issue is separate and apart from the Bundy-militia action.

The Hammonds said they’re farmers, not criminals, and they don’t want anyone standing up for them. They rejected the help of the group which includes three Bundy sons.

The militia now say their cause is much bigger than that. They want the land taken from farmers returned to them. The government choked the farmers out over the last several decades and they want restitution.



Ammon Bundy, one of the Cliven Bundy sons says the group can be called Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.

They need to stand down because they can’t win like this and you can’t take over a government building and threaten harm but on the other hand, you have Montel Williams out there calling for their assassination. I didn’t hear him calling for the deaths of the Occupiers of Wall Street who also took over government buildings and were very violent.

They also can’t win given the apathy of the typical American. This is a country where 47% of the people will vote for the deceitful and corrupt Hillary Clinton no matter what. That’s the starting point. Our country is almost lost. Americans are clueless.

The militia are being mocked on Twitter. Some are tweeting about them with the hashtags, “#y’all Qaeda,” “Vanilla ISIS,” and “Oregon under attack”. There are some claiming the militia prove white privilege exists.

The Constitution could be burned in a ceremonial takeover by big government and they wouldn’t care. They don’t care that the government is taking over the land in the west, Marxist-style. There is hardly any land left for ranchers and the militia have every reason to be fed up. Many Americans – the 47% – also don’t care that the Hammonds are being abused.

The militia need to resolve this and they should honor the Hammond’s wishes. The Hammonds don’t want them and the locals don’t want them. However, as Coulson said, maybe they will get their case heard, maybe Americans will start caring, maybe…

The militia are trying to stand up for the Constitution but it’s not working.

Ammon Bundy said this standoff and occupation could go on for years and the FBI said they will make no effort to go in.

While these men are being demonized by the media, Black Lives Matter continues to get a pass.

The militia want people to stand with them. It’s not likely they will get the reaction they got when the Bundy ranch was occupied by the Bureau of Land Management. God bless them for their courage and their patriotism.

Read more about the case on this link.

America’s Last Cowboys: Hundreds of Armed Militia Seize Federal Building in Oregon



  1. Was the federal building already abandoned from government use and no federal employees assigned regular duty there? Were no federal employees threatened when the citizens arrived to occupy the facility? It makes a difference.

  2. The building hadn’t been abandoned, but it was “closed for the weekend”, but not locked. There were no federal emplohyees on site when the militia arrived.

  3. Our area is quite rural and low in population. Moved here to get away from the mobs in the megaplex.

    We have several areas under the control of the U. S. Wildlife service (USW) (and more encroachment each day in the form of water rights, zoning commissions, and county tax officials) have some structures located here. Most are seldom used and some have been completely abandoned for decades. The USW headquarters for our area is 115 miles away. They do what they want, and rarely make any accommodations to locals, unless some politician gets involved. Heaven forbid an individual ever get some consideration. Been there, tried that.

  4. Nature needs to be protected too. The national park and wildlife refuge systems are designed to do just that. Just because some people are greedy for land or think that homesteading should be brought back, does not give them the right to grab public land any more than oil drillers or coal miners should be allowed to do so.

    • Then explain to me WHY was the Nevada land that was at the heart of the Bundy dispute was then leased to a Chinese company by the BLM following the resolution of that incident?

      Because we all know that China gives two shits about the environment.

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