You Will Never Guess What This Man Does For A Living!


Jimmy Morales

Guatemalan TV comedian, Jimmy Morales, who has never held public office, has played bumbling drunks, spies, gangsters, a toga-wearing Socrates, even a blackface character with an Afro wig and a painted white mouth. Among the plots of his Guatemalan comedy bits was a simpleton cowboy named Neto who accidentally became president.

“In Guatemala, [blackface] hasn’t been prohibited in any moment,” he said. “I think we have given a representation of a Guatemalan comedy that’s within the law. And we’ve never tried to denigrate any ethnic group. On the contrary, all the people from different populations love us a lot.”

He’s the ultimate outsider and he’s now president of Guatemala, put into power by an angry electorate fed up with the political class and the corruption they’ve seen in the highest levels of power. President Otto Perez Molina resigned and was jailed in connection with a sprawling customs scandal. His former vice president has also been jailed in the multimillion-dollar graft and fraud scheme.

He ran on the National Front of Convergence Party ticket. His platform, a right-wing one, is light on policy and heavy on the bizarre. He has called for a government-paid smart phone for every child in Guatemala and he wants to tag teachers with GPS trackers. He adopted as his slogan “Not Corrupt, Not a Thief,” and lists his platform issues on his website as “Fear of God,” “Family First,” “Honor,” “Justice Must Prevail,” “Service Above Self,” “Honesty,” and “Humility Is a Virtue.

He has close links with Edgar Justino Ovalle, a former general who headed operations in the Quiche region where 77 massacres took place during the country’s most horrific period of genocide during the early 1980s, according to telesur TV.

Telesur also reports that,

Additionally, several civil society organizations including the Central America Institute for Fiscal Studies argue that Morales has failed to come up with concrete policy proposals. Last August the insitute issued a report evaluating Morales’ policy platform calling it, “dangerously close to a demagogic electoral offer without any technical substance.”


He spent less than one-tenth what his opponent spent, has no qualifications, and no platform, at least no comprehensible platform,  but he won by a large margin and it could happen HERE!

Besides grinding poverty and corruption, Guatemalans endure horrific crime rates and powerful, vicious street gangs blamed for giving their country one of the world’s highest murder rates.

Here’s Neto:

Source: WaPo


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