You Won’t Believe This – Doctors Weren’t Asked to Join the Exchanges!


Barack looking confused

Photo of President Obama looking confused, aren’t we all.

Forget the website problems, we have a much worse problem. The Obamacare planners haven’t included doctors in the planning of the exchanges. Doctors have no idea what is going on, at least not in New York.

The government has put all their efforts into the website (that’s scary) and they forgot to talk to doctors.

If you go to 02:00 on the video below you will hear some shocking information – doctors were not told anything about the exchanges nor have they been approached about being on the exchanges.

Some received a letter from insurance companies advising them that if they didn’t opt out, they were in. It they choose to opt out, they will have to opt out of all insurance with that particular company.

They were not told what their salary would be, what any of the conditions are, or how claims would be handled.

Check it out on this brief interview Dr. Paul Orloff, President of the New York County Medical Society:

As an aside, it is also stunning that the president continually blames the website problems on the millions of hits it is getting but it went down with 200 people on it and at another time with 2000 people on it. The president claimed 20 million people were on the site but he said thousands applied – not tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands – thousands!

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