You Won’t Like What Congress Will Do About Obama’s Illegal Gun Control “Laws”!



The president will pass unconstitutional “laws” this week via executive action. They will be “actions” the Congress has already said they will not pass. Obama will flout them yet again and guess what Congress plans to do – read on.

Rep. Kinzinger said this morning that Obama can’t just throw out the Constitution. He said it in response to Obama’s plan to violate the Constitution and write gun control laws, a right reserved for Congress.


Knowing this is blatantly unconstitutional, Rep. Kinzinger is still talking the company line as will the majority of Congress.

On Outnumbered Monday, Kinzinger said Congress isn’t overly popular now and he “gets it” but then he went on to say it’s not that “we [Congress] don’t exist.” What the Congress plans to do is take Obama to court like they did with Obamacare. It may get to the Supreme Court of the United States in several years but there is no guarantee the court will even find in favor of the Constitution. They have been violating the Constitution too and Congress is passing off their responsibility.

He obviously doesn’t “get it.”

It takes a few seconds for the appropriate video to begin.

Last week, Governor Huckabee called for the impeachment of Barack Obama and for Congress to grow a spine. There are so many issues on which to impeach Obama but it won’t happen and Congress will not use the powers of the purse, their rightful powers.

The abuse of power by Barack Obama has been legendary and he has permanently damaged the separation of powers with the assistance of Congress. When Congress does nothing, the executive abuses become a matter of precedent unless we get a very strong president who believes in the constitution.

When Mike Huckabee was asked about the spying on Netanyahu, he said countries do spy on each other but there were two more serious problems. For one thing, why are we concerned about Israel and not Iran? Secondly, did the executive branch spy on Congress?  Huckabee believes it’s an impeachable offense and it requires an immediate investigation.

“Congress is going to have to rise up and for once show a little bit of courage, something they haven’t been doing much lately,” Huckabee says.

“The real issue is whether or not the ‘president’ was aware that members of Congress were being tapped.”

“If that’s the case and the ‘president’ was aware of it, Sandra I believe that this is not only unconstitutional, I believe that this is an impeachable offense and Richard Nixon resigned because of less than this.”

“I don’t think we can just gloss this over. This is a serious issue, when one branch of government spies on another branch. And if they did it unintentionally they should have reported it immediately and done a cease and desist.”

“But the bigger issue, even bigger than that, comes down to whether or not the executive branch utterly abused its power, went way beyond its limitations and spied on members of Congress.” Huckabee says, “That, I believe, is an impeachable offense and the ‘president’ should either resign or the Congress ought to have the guts to go after him. And you can’t let the Justice Department do it, they’re a toothless tiger, they will not do it. They’ve done nothing about the abuses of the IRS, nothing about Hillary Clinton’s email problems, you can’t trust them, there has to be a special investigation.”


Judge Jeanine Pirro summarized it well.



  1. Kinzinger has gone along with Boehner & Ryan all of the way, in their surrender to Obama.

    I recall Boehner claimed twice he would sue Obama over executive amnesty, he was pretending.

    We do not need the republican party to sue Obama, there are plenty of other orgs that will do it, and do a better job.

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