Your Daddy’s Democratic Party Is Dead!



Andrew Cuomo, The Dictator

The John F. Kennedy Democrat Party is dead. So is his rallying cry :

“Don’t ask what your Country can do for you; ask what you can do for your Country.”

It has been replaced with the “progressive” democrats whose platform is:

Don’t ask what you can do for your Country, ask what can your Country can do for you.

I was talking to one of my co-workers and I asked a simple question: What was her reaction to NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo, making the statement that if your views are the not the views of Democrats then NY is not the place for you. Gov. Cuomo wants you to believe in abortion and gay marriage and if you have a difference of opinion, then you are not welcomed in NY. Spoken like a true dictator.

Anyhow, my co-worker’s first reaction was that she hadn’t heard of such a statement being made by Governor Cuomo. I blame the media for trying to keep this dangerous, idiotic statement under wraps.

So I had to prove to her that the statement was for-real. Even after she learned the truth, she didn’t care that he said it!!

Then she replied “that she didn’t want to talk politics with me”. As she stated “ her political views are different than my view points”.  Although, she wouldn’t tell me what her view points are, I guess just because I am a registered Republican and she is not, that she is assuming our view points must be different. It probably goes without saying that our political view points are different but one should never “assume” as you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me” (assume).

I pressed on about Cuomo, even though she wanted me to shut up. I told her that I think it is dangerous for our government to “target” certain individuals just because of their beliefs. We must “tolerate” all view points in order to live in a civilized world. Her answer to that was “I bet if a Republican made the same statement you would be fine with it”. Again, never “assume” what I am thinking! In my mind’s eye it is always America First over any political party. So I replied that she was mistaken because I didn’t like what Governor Chistie did when he “deliberately” closed down the George Washington bridge just to play political games! Its’ called an abuse of power.

After that, all she kept saying was “I don’t want to hear about nor talk about this with you”. Apparently her political views are like a steel trap that refuses to let go of her brain.

Here’s a news flash for her : Your daddy’s Democratic party is dead and has been overrun by the Socialists and Communists who wish to destroy our Country.

Just take Obamacare, for instance. It is a “law” that has been changed at will by Obama. No one else has a say! That’s called dictatorship.

In my humble opinion, my Democrat co-worker either has her head in the sand and refuses to listen to the truth or she is a Communist who wants to see America destroyed.

She is voting blindly for Democrats without realizing who she is electing or she is knowingly voting for the Communists. Either way, she and others like her are the ones to blame that America is now being controlled by dictators.

Gov. Cuomo has aspirations of becoming President one day. Will he send half of the country that doesn’t agree with his point-of-view to Siberia or Concentration camps?

Will my Democratic co-worker even care?


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