Your New President: Fake Hispanic Beto O’Rourke, Dems Want Him


Fake Hispanic Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is the new rising star of the Democrat Party and he says he is interested in running for President in 2020.

Former Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer in an op-ed pushed fake Hispanic Robert Francis Beto O’Rourke for the presidency, despite the fact that even with $100 million he couldn’t steal Ted Cruz’s Senate seat.

Dan Pfeiffer, co-host of Pod Save America, wrote in a Crooked Media article that he has “never seen a Senate candidate—including Obama in 2004—inspire the sort of enthusiasm that Beto did in his race.”

The Obama are making a docudrama about him. That will be fiction more than reality.

And now he has been invited to New Hampshire, the primary state.

The New Hampshire Young Democrats “extended an invitation via email. No further action has been taken at this time,” Chris Evans, a spokesman for the O’Rourke campaign confirmed to CNBC. Friedlander “was put on the email as the individual knew him from New Hampshire days, but Rob is not involved in working to set anything up,” he added.

The group is a chapter of the Young Democrats of America, the official youth arm of the Democratic Party. According to NHYD’s website, is mission is to “help young Democrats seeking office, advocate for progressive issues, and train the next generation of progressive leaders.” O’Rourke was lauded during the campaign for galvanizing young voters.

A new PAC of New England Democrats has formed to push for his candidacy. In a YouGov poll he came behind the ancient leftists Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Beto is a leftist as well.

There is one Democrat who isn’t impressed. Rahm Emanuel said, “You don’t usually promote a loser”.

James O’Keefe wonders if he will use campaign funds to transport caravan migrants as he did while he was running for the Senate.



  1. Have any of the promoters of this guy ever listened to him speak? Good god! Reminds me of the story that two record producers had bet that they could pick any good looking kid on the street and make him a star! The kid was Fabian! Back in those days, importantly, dumb kids could not vote. So, now we have the same dumb kids, who will buy the shallowest guy on the corner…..he’s cute….And, they vote!

  2. The dude is a loser and I hope the Lefties send him another $100 million to promote his candidacy for President. Trump will rip him apart in the campaign. BY the way, I wonder how much of that $100 million the lefties sent him ended up in his pocket?

  3. So now we already have Warren who thinks she’s an Indian…and now we’ve got an O’Hispanic running, too!? LOL! Why can’t white Democrats just be white people!? Oh yeah…in their party whites are the enemy! I think I’d look for a party that accepts me instead of “appropriating” another race or culture in a delusional ploy to get elected.

  4. Robert Francis O’Rourk, is a self proclaimed socialist pretending to be Hispanic. Through most of his campaign here in Texas, didn’t state anything he would do, only “reach across the aisle every day to stop the hate and bigotry”. Privately, he was a pure communist professing all the freebies he would push for the people. Never addressed paying for all of his giveaways. Typical mouth breathing, crayon crunching, bobble head like Sylvia O-C. Great ticket for 2020. Great appearance, no substance.

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