You’re more likely to own a chicken as a pet than watch CNN in Primetime

The chicken wants to know why you are still watching primetime CNN

When chickens as pets outnumber CNN viewers!

Newsbusters’ Rich Noyes reported Friday on the many things that outnumber CNN viewers. The network just came in the big loser in the TV ratings, especially during primetime. They can’t even beat conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow. They had only 767,000 primetime viewers in April.

Maybe they should stop lying.

As it turns out, CNN’s viewers are even fewer than the number of prostitutes in the U.S. which, he noted, is approximately one million according to Wikipedia. By that calculation, there are 240,000 more people professionally employed as “sex workers” than there are CNN viewers.

CNN is in 15th place in Cable ratings. HGTV is in 4th place, the Hallmark Channel in 9th and the Food Network in 14th place.

CNN lost a lot of viewers because they put all their eggs in the collusion basket. The number of fewer viewers on CNN in the past year is “more than the populations of Richmond, Virginia (227,032), Baton Rouge, Louisiana (225,374) or Des Moines, Iowa (217,521),” Noyes continued while noting that the “remaining 767,000 viewers could all comfortably fit in Jefferson County, Kentucky (current population 771,158).”

More households keep chickens and other poultry birds as pets (1,020,000) than tune in to CNN’s primetime shows, according to a survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The truth is that chickens are more entertaining and informative than CNN.



  1. This is precisely why the establishment media cartel is desperately trying to censor independent sources of news and opinion: they are losing control of the narrative and people no longer trust them because they have been caught lying too many times.

    CNN-CIA-Mockingbird domestic psy-ops

    Future of CNN & media monopolies

  2. ONLY go there once in a great while when there is BIG story to see what the dif. is between other coverage – CNN still seems to have the most stringers across the globe on tap so the get am “other perspective” and info at times on the breaking issues. Compare CNN FOX OANN coverage and you tend to get the entire story.

  3. The MSM is the propaganda arm of the DNC and everyone knows it. It reminds me of the USSR’s Pravda. All of Russian society laughed at Pravda because they knew it was fake news and couldn’t be trusted.

  4. “… they put all their eggs in the collusion basket.”

    The dumb clucks talk wasn’t cheep in the long run; they’ll be losing buk, buk, buks.

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