YouTube Censors PaulJosephWatson, JonTron, PewDiePie


YouTube is going to bury Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet, PewDiePie and JonTron. It seems corporations don’t want their ads to show on some so-called “extremist videos”. People on the right are now the counter culture.

Watson is being called sexist, PewDiePie isn’t even political but they want to ban him because he joked about shooting Hitler. JonTron who is being targeted for banning even though he goes after the right.

The reason they are doing it Watson says, is this because they can’t compete.

Their videos are being buried to keep the youth from seeing the right-wing.

Corporations love crony socialism and they are fully supportive of the leftist monitoring and control of the right-wing.

They like to say they aren’t censoring because they’re merely hiding the right. The youth in particular won’t see the videos because of their age. Discrimination against conservatives is the only discrimination allowed. The right is a threat to the media’s control of the American mind and their possible thought crimes.

This censorship is going on across social media and on Google.The right just doesn’t make page 1 or eve 2 or 3 of Google. Facebook and Twitter are burying those articles they deem of low interest based on left-wing censors. The leftists have a monopoly on the American mind and they won’t let go as they move further and further into the extreme left. They want hate crime laws to limit the First Amendment; they want a Constitution that reinforces leftist ideology; and they don’t want the right-wing armed.

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