YouTube will now ban those whose language “goes too far” & more


YouTube, the progressive-left video platform, will decide if you’ve gone “too far” to have a video published.

YouTube will ban videos that they see as maliciously insulting “someone based on protected attributes” such as race, gender expression or sexuality. If it is done repeatedly, the videos will be removed or channels terminated.

The new categories of banned content include “threats” and language that “goes too far,” and “veiled” or implied threats of violence like saying “you better watch out.” Simulating violence will also be banned.

They actually considered taking down clips of President Trump calling the fake Indian senator Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas.” She lied for decades about having Native-American heritage in order to get ahead. We agree that “Pocahontas” deserves better and Warren should be called Lieawatha or Fauxahontas.

Public figures are usually subject to looser rules regarding this sort of thing.


It means that right-wing comedian Steven Crowder — the left has ruined comedy — will have his Carlos Maza videos banned but the subject of some of his jokes — insulting Carlos Maza — will not be banned. Maza has attacked people in the vilest of ways.

Youtube already de-monetized Crowder’s channel and he’s on notice for a complete takedown.

Crowder was accused of homophobic comments, but he only repeated comments Maza makes about himself.

Maza said in one video, which centered on his longtime thesis that Republicans are bad people, “I’m a queer, tree-hugging atheist with immigrant parents.”

That’s what Crowder called him.

Vox Hater Maza initiated the youtube investigation with Crowder and has been relentless. He’s backed by some powerful leftists.

Maza is very far-far-left and spreads lies and conspiracy theories about right-leaning outlets and personalities.


The company says “channels that repeatedly brush up against our harassment policy will be suspended from YPP [YouTube Partner Program], eliminating their ability to make money on YouTube.”

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote earlier this year: “We REDUCE the spread of content that brushes right up against our policy line,” when describing how the site suppresses content that hasn’t broken any of its rules.

They won’t be fair. They haven’t been. Look at what they are doing to Prager U. They have limited Sentinel videos from thousands of viewers pre clip to a couple hundred and our videos are Fox News and some CNN.


“To be honest I don’t think anyone asked for it. I’m all against harassment but YouTube seems to throw around the term “harassment” very loosely.”

“I don’t want YouTube to be “safe place” You are killing comedy by calling a roast of other creators ‘bullying.'”

“Protecting a handful of spoiled public figures who didn’t like to be teased is a great way to lose the crowd. This policy has good intentions on the surface, but it’s too messy; it’ll drastically increase both resentments and complaining across the board. DON’T CENSOR CRITICISM.”

“Ssssoooooo… we can’t criticize people anymore?”

“So we could throw freedom of speech out of the window.”

“Talking is illegal.”

“The “thought police” at Google are further expanding their reach.”

“This was our last straw, you are putting tape around our mouths!!! We are now seeking out other platforms.”

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