Yuma state of emergency as migrants roam the streets presenting threats to life & property


The Mayor of Yuma, Arizona has declared a state of emergency as migrants roam the city looking for food, water, and shelter. The shelters are full and so are the border patrol detention facilities.

Thank a Democrat!

Yuma, Arizona, Mayor Doug Nicholls issued a proclamation of emergency in the border city, saying the continued mass release of migrants directly into the community had become an “imminent threat” to life and property in the area.

As we reported, many of these migrants, aka illegal aliens, are violent and criminal on their way up to the border. They threaten to turn the USA into a Third World hellhole. It might be too late already.


“Today is a day that we had talked about three weeks ago, hoping never to get to,” Nicholls said at a news conference on Tuesday.

With a “heavy heart,” the mayor said he signed the document as a means to seek resources and to protect residents and vulnerable migrants.

“… the mass release of migrant families from federal detention facilities into the City of Yuma without provisions for adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care threatens to cause injury, damage, and suffering to persons and property located in the City of Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona as well as causing a humanitarian crisis,” the proclamation read.

The “vulnerable” migrants came into the country planning to break our laws, steal IDs, lie, and flout our immigration laws.

The mayor is pleading for help from state and federal authorities.

Border Patrol is being forced under court rulings and Democratic policies to release them en masse as they come in en masse. Democrats will not allow funds to be allocated for increased beds or more judges.

Congress will not fix the Flores Amendment which is the basis for many of the problems.

In ninety days, a new rule based on actual immigration law will end catch-and-release, but where will border patrol put these people?

Yuma’s a mess and they are not alone.

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