Zimmerman’s Racism That Wasn’t, Study the Facts


last known photo of Trayvon Photo of Trayvon Martin, nine days before his death

The Trayvon Martin case has exposed a dark cloud hanging over our society. It has not stirred dialogue unfortunately. It has stirred hate because of a media that refuses to tell the truth.

Racism is clearly not dead and it is coming from whites, blacks, and others. Racism against blacks is particularly despicable because of the dark period in our history from slavery on through the civil rights movement. This racism against blacks continues to this day. The Zimmerman case shows racism against whites is also alive and well.

Trayvon Martin is a dead teenager who was walking home from a mart. He did not deserve to die. Zimmerman took his role as neighborhood watch operative very seriously. There is no evidence he was out to harm anyone. It was a tragic event but it was not a civil rights tragedy.

The Zimmerman case is based on unsubstantiated charges of racism promulgated by the media and it is being fueled by lies.

First the media said Zimmerman was white and a racist. Then they saw that he was not white so they invented the category of white-Hispanic because they wanted to continue the narrative that he was a racist.

The media apparently doesn’t care if they stir up racial division and hatred from all sides. They are ideologically driven and they want to tell their customers what they think they want to hear. They also saw it as a way to further the gun control debate.

Much is made of the fact that Zimmerman, as a neighborhood watch volunteer, made 44 phone calls to the police in 8 years, stating that the suspicious people were black. The fact – the truth – is that Zimmerman identified the suspicious people as black in only 4 of the calls. In 3 calls, he identified them as white.

NBC furthered the dishonest narrative by deleting a portion of the 911 call Zimmerman made to the police on the night Trayvon died. They left out a section of the tape in which the 911 operator asked Zimmerman if the person he saw was white, black or Hispanic, making it seem as if Zimmerman volunteered that information.

CNN and other media outlets published blurred photos of Zimmerman’s head claiming there were no injuries. The special prosecutor in the case, Angela Corey, left out the information about Zimmerman’s injuries when she brought the case up before the Grand Jury for an indictment.

Zimmerman left his car when he should have stayed in his car. However, he said he wanted to see where Martin was going and he wanted to get an address. He said Martin, who was hidden from view for over 4 minutes, jumped him from behind the bushes. Zimmerman is the only witness.

Zimmerman was beaten. We know that from his injuries, other physical evidence, and from eyewitness accounts.

The lead detective said the he believed Zimmerman profiled Martin because of his attire and the way he was walking, not because of the color of his skin.

Zimmerman has no history of racism. In fact, quite the opposite. In 2010, Zimmerman intervened in what he believed was a cover-up of a beating of a homeless black man, Sherman Ware, by a white police lieutenant’s son, Justin Collison. Collison is the grandson of a judge.

Collison saw Sherman Ware try to break up a fight outside a bar and then came up behind him, punched him in the back and then hit him again while he was down. Some heard Collison make a racist comment.

This is the unbelievable video of the unprovoked attack by Collison on Ware and another man:

At one point in the video, an officer tells the person with the camera to shut off the video. The person taping did not oblige the officer.

George Zimmerman, the wannabe hero, was one of the few people who demanded justice for Ware. He didn’t just talk about it, he acted on it. He went into the community and into black churches with flyers, organized a city hall meeting and tried to hold Collison accountable.

The flyer he passed out can be seen on this link.

The video was posted online and Collison was finally arrested. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Collison agreed to pay Ware’s medical bills and make donations to various non-profit groups, including the local NAACP who are now helping the Martin family. Collison ended up receiving probation.

Zimmerman reportedly mentored two black children and dated a black woman. One black neighbor said Zimmerman was the only person who welcomed her to the neighborhood. Zimmerman has black family members. It’s not a typical profile of a racist.

One liberal online journal condemned Sean Hannity as a racist for saying Zimmerman took a black woman to the prom, however, if people want to profile Zimmerman as a racist, they have to look at him and his past in totality. They can’t pick and choose. Dating a black woman is part of his profile.

Liberal media outlets are not citing the facts in this case. They are claiming race was ignored and that this verdict gives a green light to white racist vigilantes. They are telling black mothers that their children are under attack by whites even though statistics show 92% of murdered blacks are murdered by other blacks. That doesn’t excuse the 8% of whites who harm blacks nor does it excuse black-on-white racist crimes.

The liberal media is upsetting and angering the black communities with non-facts and that is just plain evil. Blacks do have reason to be upset about their treatment in many cases, but not in the Zimmerman case. If we look at the facts, Zimmerman is being used as a pawn to further a narrative and to widen the racial divide.

The media is a disgrace.

None of this means that Zimmerman did not act consciously or unconsciously with or without bias. What it means is there is no proof that he did. At the end of the day, the sad thing is a 17-year old kid out buying candy is dead – needlessly – in what might have been a terrible misunderstanding.

The administration is disappointed in the verdict because they wanted the jury to make their decision based, not on facts, but on what they think was in Zimmerman’s mind. Are thought police in our future?

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