Zinke Has Begun Firing, Says “Intimidation, Harassment, Discrimination” Was Routine


Ryan Zinke fired four executives today for inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment, and he is willing to fire 400 he said. The practice of bad behavior became routine at the Department of the Interior.

“It’s time to acknowledge that we have a problem,” the Interior Secretary declared in a video to employees published yesterday. “Harassment, intimidation, and discrimination have been a common practice at Interior,” Zinke continued, noting that the Trump administration “inherited” the issue, and pledged that it would now come to an end.

“I’ve already removed four senior leaders that were guilty of inappropriate behavior and I will remove four hundred more if necessary. Intimidation, harassment and discrimination is a cancer to any organization. However deep it goes, we will remove it from Interior,” Zinke said in a video posted on the agency’s website today.

Zinke plans to purge the agency of these people.

The video followed’s Interior release of a workplace survey which received responses from 40% of the staff. It was conducted in the first quarter of 2017, as Zinke began his tenure. The results showed that 35% of DOI employees claimed some sort of harassment or discrimination in the previous twelve months. That’s an amazing number.

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