7.5M Illegal Crossers in the US, 5.18M Single, Adult Men in 3 Years


We know 7.5 million anonymous unvetted people from over 150 countries have entered the United States illegally. They are traveling around the country now, unmonitored. These numbers don’t count the gotaways no one caught.

We have no idea why they’re here, and we have a lot of enemies.

August had 304,162 illegal crossers, not 232,972 as originally reported. August is hot, and the numbers of illegal migrants are usually lower. In other words, expect a lot more each month.

As Conservative Treehouse reports, 5.18 million of them were single adult men. That’s an army four times the size of Russia’s army. Many people coming in are from Russia, Iran, China, and other unfriendly countries.

Remarkably, people are posting on social media that we are all racists because we don’t want this. Does anyone fall for this madness?

This isn’t the total number. We don’t know who’s going into Florida by boat, who’s flying in, and who’s coming in from Canada.

We are watching the complete destruction of our country in real-time, and Biden still has more than 40% of the nation’s support. His advisor Barack Obama is still popular?

People doing this hate you, not just Republicans. They hate all of us, and they hate the idea of America.


More dead people for Biden’s cemetery. Progressives certainly don’t care about these people coming into the country. Look below — more dead children for Biden’s Graveyard.


Here’s a leaked video with border agents wanting to know why we aren’t upholding the Constitution. Republicans aren’t even impeaching Biden and Mayorkas.

Full scale invasion:

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