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Michigan kraken: ‘massive election fraud,’ foreign intrusions’ – Read the document

Pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell filed lawsuits in Georgia and in Michigan late Wednesday night, alleging a massive voter fraud scheme in those states that “rigged” the presidential election in favor of presumptive President-elect Joseph...

Deep-dive into the Iran portion of the Sidney Powell kraken

Heshmat Alvi, a reporter of all things Iran, does a deep-dive into Sidney Powell's Georgia lawsuit - the kraken - in a series of tweets. It could explain why John Kerry is a pick. In...

Powell’s kraken: China & Iran intrusions, & Georgia did everything wrong

Sidney Powell's first lawsuit attacking Georgia's election was released before midnight, and it is stunning. It involves foreign intrusions and malfeasance of the highest order, much of which we already heard about to some...

Biden’s DHS pick sold Green Cards to Communist Chinese nationals

Joe Biden's pick for Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was selling Green Cards to Communist Chinese nationals. Rich Democrats wanted them to do it. Now, why would that be? How can he defend the homeland? Watch: Alejandro...

MD Gov says you have no constitutional right to ditch the mask

Maryland's RINO Governor Larry Hogan claims those who refuse to wear face masks during the current pandemic are like drunk drivers. He declared that no one has a “constitutional right to walk around without...

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