Huckabee sees Jack Dorsey as in competition with Nancy Pelosi

Former Governor Huckabee discusses Jack Dorsey planning to be 'lord of the world.' He described Dorsey as in competition with Nancy Pelosi for power. Watch:

Twitter top exec plans aggressive political censorship — globally

One of Jack Dorsey's top executives Vijaya Gadde, Twitter Legal, Policy, and Trust & Safety Lead, said she's organizing global censorship. She also plans to expand it aggressively if the speech contains misinformation or includes...

DC AG is looking to charge rally speakers with inciting a riot

Pastor Jacob Feuerstein was one of the speakers at the mostly peaceful rally in Washington D.C. on January 6th. He had nothing to do with the riot nor was he anywhere near it. People...

Turley: Impeachment’s a mistake and Trump should present no defense

JONATHAN TURLEY: DJT SHOULD PRESENT NO DEFENSE Jonathan Turley believes it is unconstitutional to vote to remove DJT from office when he isn't in the office and suggests DJT's best defense may be no defense. As...

MSNBC: al Qaeda treated worse than Magas since they’re not white and have beards

On Sunday's Velshi show, Velshi led a discussion claiming there was a racial double standard that made law enforcement act less aggressively against white Donald Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol than against Antifa,...

PA Lt. Gov. says calling the election rigged is “not protected speech”

Leftists keep popping up usurping the role of the Supreme Court, the only body that protects our individual liberties. Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is the latest. He told The Hill that “lies” about the legitimacy...

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