Kamala introduced in TX as the next president of the United States

Kamala Harris, known as the 'female Obama,' was introduced as the next president of the United States in Fort Worth Texas Friday. You can see the 'Biden-Harris signs' in case you doubt it. “When future...

Bernie Sanders endorses Portland Antifa candidate for mayor

Bernie Sanders endorsed Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone, who is a strong supporter of Antifa. Bernie is hoping to become Labor Secretary or run our finances in the Senate if sleepy Joe wins...

Black Dem councilman for Trump says, “We’re tired of suffering…”

Vice President Pence participated in a campaign rally in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, but it was a speech by Flint City Councilman Maurice Davis that went viral with 2.3 million views. He said he’s been...

MN Dem gov, Dem AG try to silence Trump in Minnesota

Democrats and their media colluded to manipulate the American people into not showing for a Trump rally in Minnesota. About 25,000 people wanted to attend the rally and the Governor and Attorney General only...

Chelsea Handler brags about verbally assaulting Trump Supporters

Chelsea Handler, who let a guy pee on her face on video, bragged on The View that she goes into the Fox News section of the first-class lounge and verbally assaults Trump supporters. “Well, I would...

Don Lemon compares Trump Supporters to drug addicts

Don Lemon said the sad thing about this election is he had to get rid of his friends because they are so "nonsensical." They are blinded by talking points, he said. Lemon claims he...

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