Sec. Cardona Doesn’t Think Parents “Know What’s Right for Kids”


Parents are their children’s first teachers, and they pay educators to teach them, not to indoctrinate them, and not to usurp their rights. You won’t hear that from Secretary Cardona. He doesn’t respect parents who are upset at Board meetings. He wants them to obey the educators.

“There was civility. We can disagree. We could have healthy conversations around what’s best for kids,” Cardona said pleasantly enough. “I respect differences of opinion. I don’t have too much respect for people [parents] that are misbehaving in public and then acting as if they know what’s right for kids .”

Yikes! Parents don’t know what’s right for their kids?

Cardona thinks he can dictate to parents and completely dismiss their concerns. Parents send their children to school to learn the skills to lead a fruitful life. They don’t send them to learn how terrible America and white people are or that they can change their gender in secret without telling their parents and other progressive values.

The public school system has become an indoctrination factory.

He’s typical of progressives in the administration who think they are superior to parents. The DOJ labeled upset parents at Board meetings domestic terrorists. They were considering sending the military in to monitor Board meetings, and the White House became involved with the National Board Association which called for the administration to label justifiably angry parents domestic terrorists.


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