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The Most Dangerous Animal in the World Is .1 Inch

The tiny 3 mm or .11 Inch mosquito, tinier than the tsetse fly, is the most dangerous animal in the world. That is because of the number of deaths it causes each year. The...

The Most Beautiful & Best Preserved Mummies We’ve Seen

The most beautiful and best-preserved mummy in the world is that of a one-year-old girl who died on December 6, 1920. ROSALIA LOMBARDO The one-year-old Sicilian girl died of the Spanish flu, and instead of burying...

The Most Complete Wooly Mammoth Ever Found

A female wooly mammoth that died about 30,000 years ago was found in the Yukon in 2022. The baby was only 30 or 35 days old and ended up wholly preserved with some skin...

A Beautiful Air Force Pilot – a WOMAN – Wins Miss America

The Miss America pageant has crowned an active Air Force officer as Miss America. Madison Marsh graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2023 and is still on active duty. She was announced the...

Animals In Charge

Funny animal videos pic.twitter.com/AtumAf552v— Celine Okolo (@CelineOkolo2) December 28, 2023

A Great Reminder About Freedoms This Christmas

Politicians and out-of-control TV doctors took our freedoms away only two years ago. I fear they are getting ready for another pandemic. Democrat media like NBC keeps warning about increased hospitalizations, and a couple...

Donald Trump Might Hold a Rally in the Last Place You’d Expect

For those unfamiliar with the South Bronx in New York, it's poor and crime is an issue. The residents are mostly minorities. Donald Trump said he might hold a rally there which upon first...

Remembering the Reason for the Season

A beautiful moment for everyday people, David Phelps singing O Holy Night. Christmas is in two weeks. David Phelps - O Holy Night. Best live performance ever of a Christmas song. pic.twitter.com/Hx4GEnuIZA — MAZE (@mazemoore) December 12, 2023 via...

Croczilla Sunbathes in the Everglades

Rarely seen Croczilla, an enormous 14-foot crocodile made an appearance in the Florida Everglades so he could sunbathe a bit. Quick Facts About Saltwater Crocodiles As Old as Dinosaurs. Saltwater Crocodiles are one of the...

James Woods Perfectly Pitches the Problem with Hamas

Just another day in Manhattan with our everyday people. The problem with Hamas is it is here, in the United States, contributing to our decline. Violent people terrorizing others, vandalizing stores, police cars, and monuments...