EU to Provide Arms, Jets, as Other Nations Get Involved & Russian Troops Move In


Russians have surrounded Ukraine and several major cities. They are moving in and the mayor of Kharkiv said evacuations are no longer possible. The EU plans to supply Ukraine with arms and jets, as ground forces tighten the circle around the cities. In addition to the EU, Belarus is getting involved to fight against Ukraine, and Turkey plans to block Russians from the Black Sea.

There are a lot of nations involved. The US doesn’t have any leadership. Joe’s in his basement in Delaware.

As if we needed him, Soros is now weighing in on Ukraine’s side. He hates Russia and they hate him.

Russia is probably going to regret this assault. it wasn’t the way to solve their problem. They’re brutalizing innocent people.


Belarus is joining the war against Ukraine but it’s clear they have been involved. Someone has been shooting missiles from Belarus. They are allegedly sending paratroopers in to Kiev in the morning.

According to Kyiv Independent,  Belarus will renounce its non-nuclear and neutral status, allowing Russia to place nuclear weapons on its territory, as a result of the referendum held today. 65.16% of citizens allegedly supported these constitutional amendments.

The EU will supply Ukraine with arms as fighting rages across all of Ukraine.

European Union member states on Sunday agreed to unblock 450 million euros ($500 million) for members states to buy arms for Ukraine, the bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said,” the Times of Israel reports.

“The measure is part of a wide-ranging package of support and sanctions agreed by the 27 EU states. Borrell said they also formally approved a move to ban any transactions with the Russian Central Bank.” It comes as unconfirmed reports suggest Putin may be frustrated at the slower than expected progress of the Russian forces.

Turkey Is Also Involved

Turkey is also prepared to block Russian naval access to the Black Sea, Reuters reports.

“Turkey’s foreign minister said Sunday that the situation in Ukraine had become a war, a legal distinction that paves the way for Ankara to potentially ban Russian warships from entering the Black Sea through a strategic chokepoint,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

We came to the conclusion that the situation in Ukraine has transformed into a war,” and this means “We will implement all articles of Montreux transparently.”

It’s very alarming that this war is involving so many new countries. World Wars started over less.

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