Hamas Terrorist Radicals Vandalized Rep’s Office in the Capitol


Democrat Brad Schneider from Illinois reports that his Capitol Hill office was targeted yesterday. He called it a vile act of hate.

Pro-Hamas protesters tore apart the posters on his outer wall of Israeli and American hostages being held by Hamas.

If they are going into Capitol Hill, isn’t that an insurrection by Democrat standards?

Hamas supporters are scum.

Rep. Brad Schneider posted the following on x.

This was a shameful act on any day, but especially on July 4, our country’s Independence Day. Sadly, it was but one of many hateful, un-American actions that took place across the country on the day we celebrate freedom and democracy.

I’ve been disgusted by the videos and reports of individuals calling July 4th a “terrorist holiday” and burning American flags.

It’s not just happening at my office in Washington, D.C. More than 700 miles from the Capitol, my home was targeted last weekend at 2:30 AM by approximately 50 masked demonstrators banging drums, blowing horns, and screaming antisemitic chants.

The same groups that were at my house earlier in the week marched through Chicago on July 4th, not calling for peace but rather condemning the United States of America.

These actions don’t advance peace. Instead, they play directly into the hands of Hamas terrorists, enabling them to continue to hold hostage not only those they kidnapped from Israel but all civilians in Gaza as well.

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