Settled Climate Change Is Going Belly Up


As Jo Nova reports, climate fatigue is finally upon us. In Ireland, most people don’t believe it harms us, and they have no plans to become vegetarians or give up their cars. The UN secretary general can scream “global boiling” all he wants, but it’s not working.

People quickly forgot or were manipulated into thinking the 2009 hacked Climategate email scandal was a complete lie. It wasn’t.

Remember how we’ve been told for years that climate change and rising sea levels are an imminent threat to islands and island nations worldwide? The New York Times discovered that this is not true in an article titled “The Vanishing Islands That Failed to Vanish.”

“[W]hen the world began paying attention to global warming decades ago, these islands, which form atop coral reefs in clusters called atolls, were quickly identified as some of the first places climate change might ravage in their entirety. As the ice caps melted and the seas crept higher, these accidents of geologic history were bound to be corrected, and the tiny islands returned to watery oblivion, probably in this century.

“Then, not very long ago, researchers began sifting through aerial images and found something startling. They looked at a couple dozen islands first, then several hundred, and by now close to 1,000. They found that over the past few decades, the islands’ edges had wobbled this way, eroding here and building there. By and large, though, their area hadn’t shrunk. In some cases, it was the opposite: They grew. The seas rose, and the islands expanded with them.”

Another is how climate change was destroying the Great Barrier Reef. The reefs and islands are fine after a trillion tons of CO2.

Jo Nova reports that after a trillion tons of CO2, the Great Barrier Reef hits record coral cover a third year in a row.

In 1985 humans were emitting only 19.6 billion tons of CO2 each year, and now we emit 37 billion tons. In the meantime AIMS have been dragging divers thousands of kilometers over the reefs to inspect the coral cover. These are the most detailed underwater surveys on the largest reef system in the world, and they show that far from being bleached to hell, the corals are more abundant than we have ever seen them.

So, what CO2 is good?


“The dam is finally cracking.” Journalist Alex Newman breaks down how the “man-made global warming” narrative is finally crumbling. “Three new peer-reviewed papers, published in major prestigious scientific journals… completely undermine the alleged scientific consensus on man-made global warming.”

Three new peer-reviewed journals undermine the consensus of man-made global warming. One study concerned a thermometer and the urban heat effect. Two say climate change can be easily explained by solar activity.

Critics have no scientific response. There is much more. Watch:

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