Isn’t It Ironic That Hillary Colluded with Russians to Win in 2016


Does anyone find it ironic that the only person who colluded with Russian operatives in 2016 was Hillary Clinton and her allies?

Victor Davis Hanson spoke at length to Mark Levin about Hillary Clinton and her allies colluding with Russian operatives through Charles Dolan (see Durham Report conclusion below).



As discussed throughout this report, our investigation revealed that the stated basis for opening a full investigation “to determine whether individual(s) associated with the Trump campaign [were] witting of and/or coordinating activities with the Government of Russia” 1746 was seriously flawed. Again, the FBI’s failure to critically analyze information that ran counter to the narrative of a Trump/Russia collusive relationship exhibited throughout Crossfire Hurricane is extremely troublesome.

The evidence of the FBI’s confirmation bias the matter, includes, at a minimum, the following information that was simply ignored or in some fashion rationalized away:

  • The FBI failed to take Page up on the written offer he made to Director Comey to be interviewed about the allegations contained in Michael Isikoff s Yahoo News article and instead opted to seek FISA surveillance of Page.
  • The FBI was willing to make use of the completely unvetted and uncorroborated Steele reporting in multiple FISA applications targeting a U.S. citizen, even after the Crossfire Hurricane investigators had determined that there were major conflicts between the reporting of Steele and his primary sub-source, Igor Danchenko – conflicts the FBI incredibly failed to resolve.
  • The Crossfire Hurricane investigators did not even ask Steele about his role in providing information to Michael Isikoff as contained in the September 23, 2016 Yahoo! News article – information that essentially accused Carter Page of colluding with the Russians. And thereafter the same investigators demonstrated a willingness to contort the plain language of the article to suggest it was not Steele but Steele’s employers who had given the information to Isikoff.
  • The FBI ignored the fact that at no time before, during or after Crossfire Hurricane were investigators able to corroborate a single substantive allegation in the Steele dossier reporting.

  • There was a complete failure on the part of the FBI to even examine – never mind resolve – the serious counterespionage issues surrounding Steele’s primary sub­ source, Igor Danchenko.
  • The FBI leadership essentially disregarded the Clinton Plan intelligence, which it received at almost the exact same time as the Australian Paragraph Five information. This was despite the fact that at precisely the same time as the Clinton Plan intelligence was received (i) the Clinton campaign made public statements tying the DNC computer hack to Russian attempts to help Trump get elected, (ii) the FBI was receiving the Clinton campaign-funded Steele Reports, and (iii) the Clinton campaign-funded Alfa Bank allegations were being prepared for delivery to the media and the FBI.
  • The Crossfire Hurricane investigators essentially ignored information they had received as early as October 2016 regarding Charles Dolan, a longtime Democratic operative with ties to the Clintons who also possessed significant ties to Russian government figures who would appear in the Steele reporting, and never interviewed him.
  • The Crossfire Hurricane investigators provided only partial, and in some instances misleading, information to Department attorneys working on the Page FISA applications while withholding other highly relevant information from those attorneys and the FISC that might cast real doubt on their probable cause assertions.

Emphasis added.

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11 days ago

What’s Ironic is she wasn’t hanged for Treason!

Tim Kuehl
11 days ago

It was Hillary as Secretary of State who secured control of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia in the Uranium One deal. Anybody who was aware of that treasonous act would realize it was Hillary in bed with the Russians and not Donald Trump. It was quite ironic to hear her talk at the time how Putin wanted Donald Trump as president because he could control Trump.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 days ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

Yes and about $175 million flowed to her foundation from related sources.

As Rush would say, the Clintons never cared a bit about US security or the military. They mocked patriotism.

Notice republicans never objected to the dirty deal. There were plenty of GOP senators of committees who were well aware of the uranium sale, including Sessions.

People doing damage control for Hillary in 2016 over the sale said she had nothing to do with it. But she was the primary approver. They said some aide under her, a man, made the approval. No one can believe that Hillary would let some man under her make such a big decision which she collected $175 million, that was a cover.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
11 days ago

People that devious, the devoid of a sense of remorse or guilt, devoid of a conscience certainly would rig an election, or two …or ten…

2024 will be the most rigged election in the history of the USA because Trump is more and more popular and may get over 100 Million votes…that will require a lot more cheating than in 2020, but they will do it

The Democrat crime syndicate controls pretty much every institution you can think of, they will all do what they are told to help Democrats steal the 2024 election and they will al lie to hide that crime.

Capone controlled Chicago….Gotti controlled New York City…..the democrat crime syndicate controls the entire FREAKIN NATION!!!!

Who can stop them…seriously ?

11 days ago

Spot on!