Fox ‘News’ Has the Same Woke Trans Policies as MSNBC


According to a Daily Signal exclusive, Fox News viewers need to know that Fox is going Woke. They have the same transgender policies as MSNBC. There’s no daylight between them.

Employees can use any bathroom they think aligns with their gender identity that day, ignoring biological sex. The workers can also dress in alignment with their preferred gender.

Everyone has to address trans by preferred names and genders. They even have a workplace transition plan to ease their gender transition at work.

It’s all in their manual, and they now have a great score with the leftist Human Rights campaign.

People can change their gender if they’re adults, and there should be no problem with that, but they should at least have the transition surgery before men get to use women’s restrooms.

Fox Digital now uses all the leftist language like ‘gender affirming care.’ The site uses the preferred pronouns for men like Dylan Mulvaney and Will ‘Lia’ Thomas.

They did a segment on far-left state Sen. Scott Weiner, who dresses in S&M in his spare time and wants to loosen up the sex offender registry, saying a child might commit suicide if he or she is not allowed to transition.

Maybe this is why they dropped Tucker. They’re moving far-left. Years ago, Rush Limbaugh said Fox had nothing to offer us (conservatives) any longer. He was probably right. I wish I knew what he’d say now.

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