Leading LA School Board Candidate Is a Perfect Democrat


What the Hell nightmare is this? A black, Jew-hating Muslim is running for the LA school board. His name is Kahllid Al-Alim, and he says crazy things. He thinks everything is a false flag, and Sandy Hook families are actors. I thought the Left hated Alex Jones and tried to destroy his life, but they like this guy?

His previous tweets were filled with Jew hate, and he’s a follower of Farrakhan’s.

The worst part of this is his endorsements, which include the disgrace of a union president, commie Randi Weingarten of the national teacher’s union, the local teacher’s union (UTLA), the horrible Democrat Socialists of America (DSA), Educators for Israel, and the LA Federation of Labor.

Kahllid Al-Alim
Al-Alim is the leading candidate. He has been convicted of multiple felonies, including assault on a peace officer, attempting to take a firearm from a peace officer, and resisting an executive officer. LA County sued him for being a deadbeat Dad. He has no teaching or administrative experience. He’s never even worked in a school, probably never been in a school.

He is also under fire for liking a porn post on X.

And he was vetted by the teacher’s union. That’s why I say he’s the perfect Democrat.

Al-Alim is also the perfect candidate. Who else would you want to educate the children? Also, he’s sorry for his life of crime, hate, racism, and porn. He said in a clip on Instagram that none of that reflects who he is. You can hear that here.

For those of you who think the Democrat Party is still the party of JFK, wake the Hell up.

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