Bishop Strickland: FBI and Nazi Germany or Communist Russia


Bishop Edward Strickland

We wrote about Bishop Joseph Strickland, who was relieved of his position in Texas because of the Red Woke Pope’s ruling. The Bishop is a strict critic of the Red Pope. Bishop Strickland spoke with Breitbart News recently about the FBI’s targeting of traditional Catholics.

The “FBI’s targeting of Catholics sounds much more like Nazi Germany or communist Russia than the United States,” he said.

The FBI allegedly interviewed a priest and a church choir Director last year as part of its investigation into alleged “radical traditionalist” Catholics. This is according to a House Weaponization Committee report. The FBI seems to think traditional Catholics are domestic terrorists.

The FBI sought sources among clergy, employees, and parishioners to spy on them and found at least one.

Breitbart News‘s Matthew Purdie interviewed Strickland on Thursday at CPAC 2024 in Maryland about the FBI investigation into traditional Catholic churches.

Purdie asked Strickland why the FBI would investigate Catholic Latin massgoers.

“Well, I really don’t claim to have the answer for why they would do this, but I do see it as a sad symptom of a society that sounds too much more like Nazi Germany or communist Russia than the United States,” Strickland said.

“Freedom of speech, freedom of religion — all of those freedom issues seem to be bound up in this … I think the FBI has been weaponized to go after people who simply believe deeply in the message of Jesus Christ and believe in the truth that He’s revealed,” he said.

Strickland said what the FBI is doing is a “symptom” of a “nation that is losing its way.”

He believes we can always come back, but we must stand up to this. There is more of the interview at Breitbart.

Strickland encouraged Americans to stand for the truth in a sea of lies.

“I think it’s natural that those standing for that truth are going to be seen as a threat to this agenda,” he said. “Just as we look to Nazi Germany or to the communist state of Stalin: how many people died because they said no to those despotic regimes? The same thing is going to happen here, but we have to speak against the false messages  — no matter how many hearts and minds the false message captures.”

They’re not just after Catholics; they’re completely woke. No one is safe.

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