O’Keefe’s First Video Uncovers Massive Money Laundering Scheme Into Political Campaigns


In James O’Keefe ‘s first video with O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), he exposes what appears to be a Democrat (Act Blue) money laundering scheme of campaign funds. He went door-to-door as himself with one of his assistants. The scheme uses the names and addresses of elderly people.

He went door-to-door checking to see if these elderly people did make these huge donations.

The first man slammed the door in his face after insulting Donald Trump and cursing at him.

The next person Mr. O’Keefe questioned was a lovely woman who gives about $5 a month, but FEC records show she has given $117,000 to Act Blue.

She vehemently denied ever donating anything like that.

Below is a rough transcript of part of the conversation with the third person. It will give you an idea of the pattern that Mr. O’Keefe has uncovered. You can watch it in the clip as well.

O’Keefe said on tape, “So, I’m about to call Garland Riggs. He’s the excessive small amount donor, 31,073 individual contributions were made under his address. He’s 80 years old…he lives on the outskirts of D.C.… I’m going to call him and see if I can make a contribution in his name and see how he responds. He’s either a victim of some type of conspiracy or he’s a culprit himself.”

“A lot of these phone numbers are available on white pages on Google and other apps where you can find people’s phone numbers and information,” O’Keefe continued.

The conversation in part:

“Hey there, Mr. Riggs, James O’Keefe, just asking about those contributions. We spoke on the phone. You donated to Act Blue in the past?”

“I don’t believe so.”

“You’re listed as someone who’s given over 31,000 individual contributions to various causes for a total of $230,000, using your name and this address,” O’Keefe said, questioning him.

“No, that’s that’s not us,” said Mr. Riggs.

“That’s not you? Have you…have you ever donated to Act Blue? Are you aware that people are using your name? You donated to Act Blue in the past?”

“I don’t believe so.”

Mrs. Riggs also didn’t give that kind of money. Mr. O’Keefe will send them the list of donations they allegedly made.

If it is a money laundering scheme, nothing will happen to them, and they will continue to do it because they are Democrats. If accurate, this is another way for campaigns to steal elections.

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10 months ago

We know that the Democrat Party has been a Crime Syndicate for over a Century, but people get rich off of a big corrupt Government. Right up to the Point the People actually have an ARMED Insurrection. Then people die!

Mark Schwendau
Mark Schwendau
10 months ago

So good you are reporting on James second effort! Thank you!