While Biden Spoke, GOP Nuked Open Borders Mayorkas


Alejandro Mayorkas has undermined the safety of EVERY American through his purposeful inaction on the border. He’s ERASING our southern border, and with it, he’s ERASING our sovereignty. It’s time to IMPEACH MAYORKAS!!

~ Tweet by Rep. Ronny Jackson

Democrats scheduled a typical meaningless Biden speech today in which he said he’s going to send $33 billion to Ukraine over the next five months and sell seized Russian wealth to give it to the Ukrainians. The speech was scheduled to take the spotlight off the Secretary Mayorkas hearing today. DHS Secretary Mayorkas was grilled by conservatives over open borders.

We gathered the clips for you so you don’t have to.

Drugs are pouring through our borders, killing Americans. Criminals and some terrorists are coming through our borders. It’s causing some of the spikes in crime in the cities.

Rep. Matt Gaetz got Mayorkas to admit illegal aliens will commit crimes against Americans:
Rep. Gaetz cornered him:

Mayorkas Is Not a Bit Ashamed

Rep. Buck asked him if he was ashamed for what he has done to this country. His response was that he was so offended on every level and had so much to say – which he didn’t say. Rep. Buck asked him what he has to say to the mother whose child dies of a fentanyl overdose. Mayorkas wouldn’t answer.

Yep, Morale Is Low

On an invented alternative to detention (ATD), Mayorkas sends illegals all over the country:

He won’t say whether the Disinformation Governance Board will address lies about Hunter’s laptop:


Rep. Higgins Promises to Impeach Mayorkas If the GOP Gets Into Power:

It’s All Fine:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Jordan needs to be a man and speak out publicly for the removal of McCarthy as a leader. Owens is great.

Mayorkas is an enemy to America. This is not a policy debate.