Musk Responds to News of the Disinformation Governance Board


Elon Musk flattened the WOKES in under two weeks as they cry and scream about the possibility of free speech on Twitter. Muskophobia is so bad that the Biden administration had to rush out with a Ministry of Truth (Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board) so the comrades could try to counteract any truth that seeps out.

Mr. Musk responded to Steve Crowder comparing the new Disinformation Board to Nazis. Musk said it’s – “discomforting.”

Musk tweeted on Wednesday, “For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.”

Except there are more crazies on the Left — pretty sure about that.

Free speech means free speech:

Since Mr. Musk said this interview is accurate, it’s worth listening to – it answers some questions. It’s the beginning of the end of censorship – the proverbial the Berlin Wall blocking free speech:

Mr. Musk wants to make Twitter fun again.

Here he expresses the view that the Left charging further Left — too far Left — is pushing him to the right – and he’s not alone.

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1 year ago

If you missed Tucker Carlson’scommentary on the Ministry of Truth I urge you to see it an pass it along to your friends. It is an in depth expose of the new Ministry and its Super LibTard Director of Truth. The Obiden Junta has given us a target to shoot at and let’s not miss the opportunity. This LibTard is super crazy and representative of the depths this Obiden Junta has fallen and wants to pull us in after them.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

Leftards (probably) hate the independent sentinel, which means the independent sentinel is doing a great job at presenting true information.

Leftards hate anyone who is fair and honest…they love only those who agree with them and agree with their lies.

Leftard call leftists opinion free speech, and call conservative opinions hate speech

I wish we could combine the words leftard and tyrannical and make a new name for those tyrannical leftards.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The board is very bad, but it is worse than it seems. It is not part of an executive branch communications agency. It is part of the DHS. DHS can use the board to declare a source to be a national threat, issue orders to block sources, make arrests, threaten outlets. OAN is already a victim of the atmosphere. It regularly runs detailed specials it produces which show Biden corruption, covid corruption, and so on. I have no doubt AT&T and DHS talk about that.

1 year ago

Liberals saying that they believe in free speech is like radical Islam saying that it is a peaceful, tolerant religion.