After his policy killed thousands of elderly, Cuomo blames GOP, NY Post


Despicable New York Governor Cuomo passed an incomprehensibly bad mandate that elderly people with COVID were to be sent to nursing homes. At the time, he had plenty of hospital space in the Javitt’s Center and the hospital ship.

He sent thousands to their deaths. He knew at. the time that the elderly were most at risk and he seeded the nursing homes.

Now, he has the gall to blame the GOP. Cuomo is evil and if Biden wins next month, he likely plans to appoint Cuomo as the Attorney General who will be pressed to prosecute Trump officials — in the absence. of a crime.

The New York Post reported that writing in his new memoir, Gov. Andrew Cuomo again blamed Republicans and The Post for the controversy – his incompetence and his horrendous policies.

“The most painful aspect of the COVID crisis has been its devastating effect on our elderly in nursing homes,” writes Cuomo in “American Crisis,” out Tuesday.

He did it. Cuomo passed an incredibly bad mandate and then wiped it from the Internet when it predictably led to deaths.


Cuomo, a terrible human being, claimed Republicans needed a distraction from the “botched federal response” to COV. This is the governor who got everything from the federal government that he wanted and got it quickly.

“On April 25, conservative columnist Michael Goodwin published a piece in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post aimed at New York with the headline, ‘State lacked common sense in nursing homes’ coronavirus approach,’” wrote Cuomo. “It was an orchestrated strategy and a Fox News drumbeat.

He led other governors, told them to do the same thing

“It wasn’t just me,” he continued. “[Gov.] Phil Murphy in New Jersey, Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Gavin Newsom in California and Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania were all in the Republican crosshairs on nursing homes. As the states with the most deaths were Democratic states, the Trump forces saw us as an easy target.”

Cuomo led these fools into following his example.

He is in charge of New York and it was HIS policy.

It’s bad enough he did this but then he turned around and blamed others. What a despicable human being. The media will not hold him accountable and few have even reported the story.

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