Report Gina Haspell ‘could be part of this conspiracy as well’


CIA Director Gina Haspel refused to turn over documents to Congress that they are entitled to and which go to the conspiracy to unseat President Trump. Chuck Grassley told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo today that Gina Haspel might be part of the plot to take down President Trump and the coverup of the Russia hoax.

If so, why aren’t we getting the facts before the election?

Chuck Grassley said she is covering up something. Haspel is blowing off all requests. Other deep state people won’t cooperate with even the President of the United States.

When asked about Haspel, he said the bottom line is there is something in the emails that has her name and she could be part of this conspiracy as well.

Go to 3:19:

Or watch here:

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