Biden goes to blue area in FL to speak with ones of people and reporters


Joe Biden traveled to the battleground state of Florida on Tuesday. He spoke to about 10 community leaders. The teeny crowd filled out with a couple of dozen press toadies. This was at a senior center in blue Pembroke Pines.

According to a Broward County reporter for the Sun-Sentinel, an estimated 60 people total were in the room. That included reporters, staffers, and technicians.

“Mostly media, some campaign staff, some Broward Democratic activists, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” the reporter said.

Biden lied to the seniors about President Trump’s social security plan. He lied and said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class if elected president.

A befuddled Biden then looked for his handlers. He asked where he’s going. Then he reminisced with one of his homespun tales, most likely untrue.




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March of the Spiteful Mutants
March of the Spiteful Mutants
3 years ago

Teevee just had a LULz ad with Gropey and some toadie saying…he won’t let ego get in the way of treating the Bat Soup Flu.
Are there really people who fall for the likeable old Uncle Joe agitprop, that is just sad.
Awww…the talking teevee head says wear your mask. They are my friend and they love me.
They would work for free just to help me. (not really)