AP claims they didn’t know Hamas was in their building – some news source


The Associated Press worked in the same building as Hamas. They deny they knew. Jack Posobiec douts that’s the case. He said on Twitter: “US military field-grade officer tells me the tower IDF struck in Gaza housed an underground Hamas Tactical Operations Center (TOC). Tenants were not allowed below a certain floor, which contained guards in tailored suits watching stairs and elevators. Bldg owner knew.”

The building owner is trying to pretend he didn’t know.

The AP mingles with the groups involved with terrorism. Ramallah residents fete these people. They have all sorts of relationships with these people, including romantic ones, and the AP slants the news accordingly,y as a journalist wrote in the Atlantic several years ago.

The chances the AP didn’t know are very, very slim. They are providing news worldwide and they didn’t get the news that they were in the building with Iranian-backed terrorists?

The AP is calling for an investigation, but it’s the AP that should be investigated to determine if they knew they were working in the building with Hamas.

Mosa’ab Elshamy, now an AP staff photojournalist based in Morocco, was exposed by Breitbart as a rabid anti-Semite. His current Twitter feed is very biased against Israel, but he really revealed himself prior to getting his current AP job in 2013.

On Twitter, he called Jewish people “filthy pigs,” an anti-Semitic trope. In one tweet, he said he’d ask a soldier in the Israeli army, “How many babies do you have for breakfast?” There’s more at Breitbart.

Did the AP know that? They are a news source that can’t seem to find the obvious facts.

Our media is so corrupt.

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