Cheney sets up GOP for 9/11 commission on 1-6 riot, but not leftist riots


The two top lawmakers on the House Homeland Security Committee, two partisan hacks, reached an agreement Friday on legislation that would create a bipartisan, 9/11-style commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The bill, authored by Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson and New York Republican Rep. John Katko, is focused exclusively on the attack and not other episodes of political violence as multiple Republicans earlier insisted.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter will NOT be investigated.

It’s not clear if McCarthy agreed.

Crazy Cheney wants the commission to subpoena McCarthy and have him grilled. Cheney also wants to force the issue of a commission by casting enough doubt on the veracity of her own Republican colleagues. She doesn’t know anything but she is making sure people think she does. Cheney is evil.


“The Dangers of the 1/6 Commission – Given powers to subpoena any conservative group who questioned the 2020 election. Granted access intelligence data. Call it the 2022 Democrat Re-Election Campaign,” TechnoFog reported.

Techno’s exactly right.

During an interview on Vox, James Carville told Democrats to make Republicans live with the riot until November 2022. The far-Left is fundraising off it.

It is amazing that Americans aren’t on to Democrats by now, but they’re not.

Carville told Vox, “But I’ll say this, two of the most consequential political events in recent memory happened on the same day in January: the insurrection at the US Capitol and the Democrats winning those two seats in Georgia. Can’t overstate that.”

“But the Democrats can’t fuck it up. They have to make the Republicans own that insurrection every day. They have to pound it. They have to call bookers on cable news shows. They have to get people to write op-eds. There will be all kinds of investigations and stories dripping out for god knows how long, and the Democrats should spend every day tying all of it to the Republican Party. They can’t sit back and wait for it to happen.”

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The party is self destructive because the “leaders” are corrupt cowards. There are lots of evil people in the party who are less vindictive and open than Cheney. Recall that McCarthy and Scalise both favored Cheney until she endangered them, their actions to remove her were based on helping themselves over the party and the nation. The party is run by big money influencers and China Mitch is the main coordinator. McCarthy, Mitch and Scalise all blamed Trump for a non-existent insurrection, which Cheney now wants to investigate, based on a false media rumor about Trump and McCarthy making a deal. Let them destroy McCarthy for doing a rare right thing, then maybe a decent person can lead the party in the house, there is no chance the republican senate leadership will improve.

2 years ago

The only commission we need to see is one on the Stolen 2020 Elections. The fact the election was stolen is Clear and Obvious. Mail-in ballots without any audit trail were use to stuff Ballot Boxes, plain and simple.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Yes, the actual insurrection is corrupt DC seizing full control of the nation due to the election coup. They want to destroy with a commission anyone who participated in opposing the coup.