Biden’s new plan for the 3rd round of wealth redistribution checks


Joe Biden [more like Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret] is going to redistribute the wealth of anyone making more than $75,000 and couples making more than $100,000. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution that eliminates the middle class in many states in the union who have to make more than 75,000 as a single or 100,000 as a couple to survive.

In other words, a couple making $100,000+ and an individual making $75,000+ are rich, and don’t need the money. This doesn’t bode well for the middle class under Biden’s tax and spend plan.

It will be redistributed to illegal aliens as well.

They claim 71% of Americans will get the full benefits and another 17% will get partial. It’s hard to believe.

Just open up!

The following is the new plan according to The Washington Post

Individuals with incomes up to $50,000 would get the full $1,400 payment. Heads of household earning up to $75,000 would also qualify, and married couples with earnings up to $100,000 would get a $2,800 payment. (Past stimulus checks were based off of “adjusted gross income,” and that is likely to be the same again).

Similar to the prior rounds of stimulus checks, people who earn slightly above those thresholds would still qualify for a partial payment.

About 71 percent of Americans would get the full benefits and another 17 percent would get the partial benefit, according to Kyle Pomerleau, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who specializes in tax policy. This is less than Biden’s initial proposal for the payments to go to individuals earning up to $75,000 and married couples earning up to $150,000, which would result in about 85 percent getting full payments.

Under the Democratic plan [socialist plan] that is taking shape, parents of children would receive an additional $1,400 per child. That means a family of four would receive $5,600.

Democrats are separately pushing a child tax benefit that would provide over the course of a year $3,600 per children under 6 and $3,000 per child aged 6 to 17. A version of that plan is expected in the final agreement.

That’s including people here illegally, and Biden has opened the border up. The money will be borrowed, from where we cannot say. But, we have no doubt the CCP will gladly loan us enough to self-destruct.

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1 year ago

Here’s a novel idea; open the country back up and let people go back to work!

Buddy the Squeeze Taco
Buddy the Squeeze Taco
1 year ago

The comrades are always out to eliminate the middle class by any means necessary as that is where counter revolutions usually start.
They learned well from comrade Marx.
Mommygov has been in the business of redistribution for forty years now and the republic is fundamentally destroyed.
Plan accordingly.

darla martin
darla martin
1 year ago

try just opening the country back up and you won’t have to use us as cover to fund their pork projects and pay off DEM states huge debts.

1 year ago
Reply to  darla martin

We the people are sqeezing them of lost taxes. Cause of less job opertunitys. And it’s our fault as usual. I see them going bunkrupt themselves Soon! As a play to save their stolen IRS funds. Plain to see their greedy gain game. Pfff!
Yea! We Dumb you Down Dammed Demacrates!
Go Grab your Cookie Jar. Jar Heads!
Your Going to Need It!!