So-called Republicans who rioted don’t fit the profile


Donovan Crowl is allegedly a pro-Trump extremist who rioted inside the Capitol on January 6th. The ex-Marine has been charged for his role in the Capitol riot along with two other members of the Oath Keepers.  The Oath Keepers is a militia group that recruits veterans and first responders.

One word about the Oath Keepers. We have a branch near me and they are perfectly peaceful, normal people. Not all Oath Keepers agree with storming buildings and fighting with the police. Most don’t.

Crowl didn’t even vote for Donald Trump in November. He makes an odd Trump extremist.

According to CNN, the 50-year-old Crowl is one of a number of those arrested for their role in the Capitol disturbance who didn’t cast a ballot last year.

CNN Report:

“Many involved in the insurrection professed to be motivated by patriotism, falsely declaring that Trump was the rightful winner of the election. Yet at least eight of the people who are now facing criminal charges for their involvement in the events at the Capitol did not vote in the November 2020 presidential election, according to an analysis of voting records from the states where protestors were arrested and those states where public records show they have lived.

They came from states around the country and ranged in age from 21 to 65.

“To determine who voted in November, CNN obtained voting records for more than 80 of the initial arrestees. Most voted in the presidential election, and while many were registered Republicans, a handful were registered as Democrats in those jurisdictions that provided party information — though who someone votes for is not publicly disclosed.”

Of the “more than 80 of the initial arrestees” that CNN examined, at least eight of them — roughly 10 percent — didn’t cast a ballot.

“Among those who didn’t vote were a 65-year-old Georgia man who, according to government documents, was found in his van with a fully-loaded pistol and ammunition, and a Louisiana man who publicly bragged about spending nearly two hours inside the Capitol after attending Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally,” CNN reported.

“Another was a 21-year-old woman from Missouri who prosecutors say shared a video on Snapchat that showed her parading around with a piece of a wooden sign from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. “

“And there was a Florida man previously convicted of attempted murder who was accused by the government of refusing to leave the Capitol likely did not have the option to cast a ballot because of his unpaid court fines.”

CNN asked Jessica Stern, a Boston University professor who specializes in researching extremist movements, was asked why someone would riot, but don’t even vote.

She told CNN that “you would have to believe in the ethic of voting more than you thought it was a waste of time … and see it as a moral imperative. You have to believe the system works for everyone, that it’s for the good of the country.”

The Department of Justice is now looking at conspiracy charges, including against Donovan Crowl, who they say was planning with his fellow Oath Keepers way back in November.

There were also registered Democrats according to CNN. How do you say this was Republican-led?

Stern was asked about the voters and why they would behave this way. She said:

“They could have believed the system was rigged, as the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement claims, in which case there would be no point in voting. They could be more attracted to the theater, violence, or attention they would get from a demonstration like the one at the Capitol than to actually achieving their purported goal — in this case, different election results.”

Donald Trump wanted a peaceful rally and had every reason to expect it to be peaceful. None of the people who rally at Trump’s events are violent. He doesn’t have Bernie Bros supporting him.

Does anyone think the guy with the Buffalo horns is a typical Republican voter? He’s a climate extremist and acts like a child.

These people were fighting with the police. Republicans and conservatives support the police.

The people who led this mess are outliers with radical views. They’re not the normal, typical Americans Donald Trump was speaking to that day. The hundreds of thousands, possibly a million-plus, were standing outside peacefully. The rioters are not conservatives either. Conservative by its very definition means — react conservatively.

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2 years ago

The people who stormed the Capitol are not the type of people who attend Trump rallies. I doubt that they even voted for President Trump. Like the radicals of the 60s, they just protest because they can!

Winston Loves Julia
Winston Loves Julia
2 years ago

Breaking O/T-the MIL wants a 60 day stand down to root out “extremism” which could mean republicans.
Luckily our external enemies have no way of knowing about this…oh wait.

Not Sure
Not Sure
2 years ago

I’ll give him a nod for going out in public dressed like that as it took some stones.
Any more followup on that sink throwing potential prison sentence they want to give him?
The punishment doesn’t fit the so called crime and no one considered him as a leader of anything other than bizarre fashion sense.
The teevee enemedia two minutes hate said that the Proud Boys are now designated as terrorists.
Does this mean that they won’t be getting any fweedom fries with their extra big ass taco and Brawndo tall can?
It’s a good thing that our external enemies can’t see how fundamentally destroyed the republic is…oh wait.

darla martin
darla martin
2 years ago

We know this but the Oiden administration along with their lapdogs the MSM will never let the general public know.