Biden’s Weaponized Agency Probes a University for Islamophobia


Joe Biden’s Department of Education’s (ED) Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is investigating San Diego State University (SDSU) for Islamophobia over complaints by pro-Hamas/Palestine students that San Diego State University issued a letter that is hateful and divisive.

We don’t know who complained, but The Students for Justice in Palestine called the President’s message “hateful and divisive.”

They wrote:

“It pains us to see our own University, which is supposed to be a safe space, turn into a space where we are attacked and painted out to be the perpetrators and the oppressors.”

They claim Palestinian students on campus “suffered from ethnic cleansing” and “demanding” the University President “reassess this hateful and divisive rhetoric.”

”We are DEMANDING San Diego State University’s President Adela de la Torre and the rest of the faculty to reassess this hateful and divisive rhetoric being spewed all over campus.”

Instead of opening a probe, Biden only needed to read the letter.


Dear SDSU community,

Throughout this weekend and today, SDSU has been in direct communication with dozens of impacted community members after the horrific reports of killings and kidnappings following the Hamas attacks on Israel during Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, a major Jewish holy day. What is being reported is heartbreaking. We have heard from SDSU community members who have family, close friends and colleagues in the region. Many have spent several terrifying days praying for their safety. Some have not had those prayers answered. We cannot express to you the depths of emotion and anguish we have felt and encountered since Saturday.

We are grieving for all those who are suffering in the wake of this outburst of violence. We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, any act of violence, especially those against innocent civilians. We are deeply struck by the sheer scale of the loss of life – of innocent Israelis, Palestinians, and countless others. We also recognize that this follows a long history of loss of life of civilians in this region. It is our utmost priority that SDSU respond by setting a different tone – one of compassion, learning and dialogue, and, above all, empathy for what our campus community may be experiencing. To be sure – understanding that the events from this weekend will affect members of our diverse campus in different ways, we are writing to share our encouragement to utilize the support services available to all our students, faculty and staff.

We also urge all members of our campus community to do the following:

    • Seek support as you need it. Rely on the range of support services available, including counseling support, and, for university students, emergency financial assistance by filling out the online form.
    • Check in on your peers and colleagues. Many members of our community are hurting. We encourage you to check in on them and offer support during this time.
    • Read the SDSU Principles of Community for guidance in connecting with and speaking to others. We urge all members of our one SDSU community to abide by principles that encourage open dialogue and that also remind us to treat others with dignity and respect.
    • Report issues of concern. The university does not accept any instance of harassment and discrimination based on a person’s background. Rely on online tools to report harassment and discrimination
    • Connect with community and learn more. SDSU is fortunate to have faculty with extensive knowledge of the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We encourage you to connect and learn more about the history of the conflict from them. Many SDSU centers will be hosting events, speaker series and community gatherings in the coming weeks to foster this dialogue. No matter your background, we encourage you to become informed and engaged.

As with any time of conflict and unrest that may impact our SDSU community, we ask that you come together to support one another. This is our most important role, as we each cope with the impact of this ongoing tragedy.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President

Christy Samarkos
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

If you see something hateful or divisive here, please do tell me.

The pro-Hamas students are everywhere, even at San Diego State University. Admissions policies need to be rethought.

Campus Reform asked around about this absurd probe, and got an unsurprising response:

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has previously said that the opening of an investigation doesn’t necessarily mean that the government agency believes the complaint has merit.

So, they once again waste our money no matter what.

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1 month ago

It is good that these leftists identify themselves so it will make it easier for Trump to remove them.

1 month ago

Muslim terrorists are the REAL hateful and divisive among us. I mean who doesn’t like rape, torture and murder of peaceful farmers because they don’t share your views on religion?

1 month ago

Just assuming being “hateful and divisive” is actually a crime. Every left-wing group in our country should be jailed, right?