Chris Cuomo lies about Kenosha facts to portray President Trump as a liar


Chris Cuomo, a typical Democrat who doesn’t believe in due process, declared Kyle a murderer on air this week. He called President Trump a liar as he discussed the Kenosha shooter when in fact, Cuomo is lying.

Cuomo claimed the men shot by Rittenhouse were unarmed. The first victim was very aggressive, shots were ringing around him, someone set off a small bomb, and Rosenbaum tried to get Rittenhouse’s gun. The second beat him on the head with a skateboard, and the third had a gun aimed at him.

The CNN host suggested the gun was taken across state lines. It was not.

Cuomo is gaslighting us. He is accusing Trump of lying when he, Cuomo, is in fact lying.




  1. CNN and MSNBC have been lying about Kyle since this happened, here is what they are still saying today to feed bullsh*t to their dumba$$ veiwers………..he is a white supremacist… militia member…..coordinating with the police….he was looking for someone to kill …. Kyle brought the weapon across state lines (The weapon was in Wisconsin and never crossed state lines) …..shot a kid with a skateboard (didn’t mention the video shows the guy wacking Kyle with the skateboard) ….now then CNN is one stupid a$$ outlet of lies, they just got taken to the woodshed and had their a$$ sued by Lin Wood for lying about Nicholas Sandmann , I hope Pierce Bainbridge does the same for Kyle !!!!!!!!!! As far as Chris Cuomo goes, take your pick who is stupider Chris or his brother Andrew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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