Controlling Thoughts With Double-Speak



by Gary Spina & Dianne Hermann


The CBS interview with Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” was an insulting piece of pseudo-journalism, with agenda-charged words on both ends of the microphone.

Secretary Johnson, even when prompted by host John Dickerson, would not characterize the murders of Dallas police officers as a terrorist attack or a hate crime. Johnson stuck to his guns, saying it was too early in the investigation to make a determination about the killer’s motive, but he did not hesitate to portray the two shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota as “the actions of a few (police officers) who engage in excessive force…”

No doubt, had the shooter been white or a Tea Party conservative, there would be a completely different narrative. There would be an emotionally charged call for gun control and FCC restrictions on “hate speech” from conservative talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Levin.

The “Face the Nation” interview was sickening and gutless all around.

How long are we going to allow the radical left to control the narrative? By employing convoluted double-speak, we are told there is no longer terrorism because it’s now called a “man-caused disaster.”  It seems tiny-brained liberals don’t at all mind being talked down to. Just like “late-term abortion” isn’t murder, it’s “choice.”

I guess it’s not a hate crime or terrorist attack until we are told it is. We obviously need our politicians in Washington to explain it to us.  Maybe the murder of five police officers in Dallas was “workplace violence,” just as the 2009 Fort Hood shooting was designated as workplace violence, not terrorism.

At Fort Hood there were 13 killed and 30 wounded, but it took six years to call it terrorism so that the soldiers could receive Purple Hearts and the civilians could receive Defense of Freedom Medals.  This was made possible by an amendment to the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). “It’s long past time to call the Fort Hood attack what it was: radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz said in a statement in December, after the NDAA was passed. Cruz was one of the few with the courage to call it what it was.

Did you ever imagine our beloved America would come down to this?  Talk about a dumbed-down citizenry!  Or maybe we aren’t citizens anymore, just subjects.

A white person can no longer speak frankly and openly about race without being guilty of microaggression. Coined by Harvard professor Chester M. Pierce in 1970, the term microaggression is defined as “the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”

Nonverbal? Unintentional? Marginalized? What hope do people have of speaking the truth? But that’s exactly the kind of control the left wants. Once words can be controlled, thoughts can also be controlled.

The puppet-masters in Washington control the narrative by instilling fear in anyone who speaks the truth lest he be called a racist, homophobe, or other inflammatory terms. They get away with force-feeding the public whatever they want people to hear and think.  Sadly, most people readily accept the restrictions put upon their First Amendment rights. Most people are comfortable with being controlled. They have been comfortable for a long time now.

Yes, I know all about a complicit press, a race-baiting president, and the relentless indoctrination from our government education system, right up to our colleges and universities.  We’re facing an uphill battle in the war of ideas.


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