Democrats Have to Do Something About Their Communist Problem


It seems the media is all over the Tea Party, who are distinct and separate groups of traditional Americans asking for limited government, support for the Constitution, and who believe we are “taxed enough already”. However, the same media who hate the Tea Party says nothing about the Democratic party’s huge communist and socialist base, who are groups of people hoping to destroy our system of government.

There are extremists who gravitate towards both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party but the difference between the two parties is that the Democrats listen to their left-wing communists and socialists and they adopt their ideas while no Republican will ever listen to a racist, a skinhead, the KluKluxKlan, Sovereign Nation, or any other right-wing extremist person or group.

Contrary to what you hear, Communists and Socialists are dangerous and violent people.

One only has to look at the Occupiers to understand. The Occupiers or Occupy Wall Street groups are mostly Communists, Socialists, and Anarchists with a handful of unwanted Libertarians. They agitate, encourage violent rebellion, and deliberately break laws to bring in the police who they then demonize as they do their best to make them look like aggressors. I’ve seen that up front and personal.

That is the movement that Mr. Obama sympathizes with and who his democratic allies exalt as “independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused, and they will succeed”.

Communists and Socialists are totalitarians and if they don’t get their way, they will use force, whether it will be in the form of fines, jail time, ridicule, targeting through government agencies, it doesn’t matter, it’s all force.

One should consider looking at the platform of the Communist Party USA to see the distinct similarities with Mr. Obama’s/Democratic policies. Minimum wage increases, war on women, late-term abortion, full constitutional rights for illegal immigrants, a minimal military presence, release felons from jail, open borders, spend and tax, union power, green jobs, contempt for Citizens United, living wages, social justice, environmental justice, redistribution, racism, hatred of police, universal healthcare – they are beliefs that are all held in common.

The party’s slogan used to be, “People before profits.” Now it’s “People and nature before profits,” incorporating the “green” agenda to bring us back into a pre-industrial era and provide full-bore support for the Obama-Democratic platform.

The Communist and the Socialist parties fully support the Democratic Party. They raise funds, rally in support, and rail against the evil Tea Party and Republicans in general.

The Communist Party has a comfortable home in the Democratic Party and, unfortunately they are pulling the party very far left.

In mid-September, Joelle Fishman, writing for Communist Party USA, the U.S. wing of the Soviet Communist Party, wrote a piece about getting out the vote for the Democrats, as they always do.

Fishman wrote:

“Economic, racial and gender inequality continues to widen. More radical reforms, including public investment in living wage jobs for a sustainable, non-militarized economy have majority support.”

That could be on any Democratic campaign ad.

Her lies about how cooperative Mr. Obama is sounds like something he would say:

“Republican sabotage has blocked even mild proposals from the President. If Republicans win control of the Senate, repeal of healthcare and women’s reporductive rights and government shutdowns are already promised. Republican governors have gone on a rampage.”

Then there is the absurd, dishonest attack on the Koch Brothers from a group that includes labor unions who pour hundreds of thousands into each election.

The Koch Brothers et al, who represent the most reactionary, aggressive and predatory section of the capitalist class, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to disrupt and suppress the vote.

The Communists constituents are  Mr. Obama’s constituents and they are saying the same things.

More from Mrs. Fishman:

Our starting point is not so much the candidates as it is building the movement on issues and building the strength and independent political structures of labor, women, youth, African American, Latino, Asian Pacific and Native communities which have the most progressive trends and have the most at stake.

The Communists have lured every minority group into their massive totalitarian structure.

People wonder why Mr. Obama does the things he does. He seems illogical and often irrational. He is slow to act on important matters and when he does act, it’s little more than window dressing. He attacks even his own – like the AP. – if they stray from his principles. Every agency has been politicized and can no longer be trusted to do the work they were entrusted to do.

Mr. Obama appears to attack all that America stands for and people wonder if it is deliberate. Is he inept, is he spending too much time thinking, perhaps he is in over his head?

Obama is educated and intelligent. He’d have you believe he is incompetent rather than have you know what he is really doing.  If one thinks of him as a man of the very far left, all the questions are answered and it all makes sense. The questions go away.

Democrats – normal Democrats – need to do something about their Communist problem and stop worrying about the Tea Party.


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