Desperate Pfizer Sues Poland for Undelivered, Unwanted Vaccines


Pfizer is so desperate that they are suing Poland for undelivered, unwanted vaccines mandated under a secret contract Poland never saw.

Igor Chudov, recommended by Dr. Robert Malone, is a European mathematician who has collected the data. He talks about the corruption of the European Parliament contracting process for vaccines that are not safe or effective. His report is well worth reading.

Pfizer is suing Poland for money to pay for undelivered and unwanted COVID-19 vaccines. They didn’t know they had to accept according to a contract so secret it was even secret from them.

“Somehow, Poland is a party to the EU/Pfizer contract that was kept confidential from the country but still obligates it to pay. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and EU’s Ursula von der Leyen negotiated the contract in secret,” Chudov writes.

Pfizer filed to sue Poland for the monies due under the contract that was confidential and unavailable for Poland to even look at.

Poland definitely needs to counter-sue.

More from Mr. Chudov:

After achieving a modest 57% COVID vaccination rate and seeing the vaccines not live up to the promise, Poles refused additional Pfizer COVID vaccine doses around April 2022.

Now a party can be obligated to pay under a contract that could not ever be assented to due to secrecy is a mystery to me, but I guess the legal minds in Europe see it differently.

Pfizer is suing in Brussels because Polish courts cannot see the contract and are unlikely to be very receptive to enforcing a contract that the court cannot review.

According to Polish newspaper Gazeta Prawa, Pfizer brought the civil case before a Brussels court because the doses were purchased through EU joint procurement contracts drawn up under Belgian law.

Poland’s thinking of suing over their vaccine victims. The photos on the placards are of vaccine victims who were perfectly healthy until they took the vaccine. Then they died.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

There are those that will see Pfizer as a example of why capitalism is the enemy of the people, and I could sight many other examples of such corporate greed that would seem to say the same, but they are all really about sinful selfish people who see their fellow mankind as something less than them and as objects imply to be used (and abused) for their greed and the need to dominate and control. All we need to do is look at how socialist and communist leaders often not only do the same but create even greater abuses.
Generally all such often seem to become powerful and wealthy, but we must remember the big picture. Judgment Day is coming, and eternity is a long time.
However, here it time, we must remember what the great experiment of the USA and its constitution is all about, and we must fight to keep our freedoms, and must work hard to insure that we reclaim our government, insist on our freedoms, and also reclaim the judicial system so that the power of the abusers is taken from them and their are held accountable. Eternal vigilance (and a willingness to act) are the price of freedom.
While good people like M. Dowling (and don’t forget her supportive husband) are part of the vigilance system, the rest of us need to learn from their zeal, get off our couches and get active. We need to get back to government of the people by the people and for the people. It is up to us to get the job dome!
Reread the Gettysburg address by Lincoln.
Everyone should keep a copy and reread it several time weekly. It was given 160 years ago November 19, 1863 and means even more today.