Newsom’s aide & friend arrested for domestic abuse and trying to smother a child


Nathan Ballard, demon aide to California Gov. Gavin Newsom and high-profile Democratic strategist, charged with felony domestic violence, including allegedly trying to suffocate his 4-year-old daughter.

Ballard is a well-known Democratic strategist who was Gov. Gavin Newsom’s communications director when Newsom was mayor of San Francisco. He’s also a longtime friend.

He was arrested on two felony domestic violence charges in Napa. The allegations include the attempt to suffocate a four-year-old child with a pillow. Ballard was operating under alcohol and marijuana.

Sounds like a Democrat.

His lawyer is confident his client will be fully exonerated.


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The Soliloquy of Chaos
The Soliloquy of Chaos
3 years ago

Working on his street cred prestige among the comrades. The kommissars didn’t ban domestic abuse in their infinite wisdom. Somewhere I have a “demonic eyes” FAQ PDF download and he would fit right in.

O/T-Thanks for being here. Elder fam has had a bout of food poisoning but refuses to go to the hospital due to the Plandemic.
The front desk nurse said sniff an alcohol swab and have some ginger ale. Internet said two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
Did a run to Sack N’ Save for the ale and there was some excitement going on with surliness and emergency all to the front call on the PA.
Terminal Madness but we’ll keep calm and get through like we always do.