Norways EVs = Air Pollution, Danger, Tolls = New Political Party


EVs are not ready for the market. The powers that be thought the infrastructure would miraculously appear, and somehow people would be able to afford it even as the Western elites’ policies make everything more expensive.

Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act after Joe Biden clarified that EVs were inevitable.  The bill created a variety of incentives for drivers to buy electric vehicles and for automakers to invest in EVs.

As Business Insider said, EV plants, battery-manufacturing facilities, and mining operations began popping up since it was all so inevitable.

Now we have EVs collecting dirt and soon getting rusty on car lots.

Let the Norway model serve as a cautionary tale. Norway introduced EV incentives in the 1990s, and its technology grew in the 2010s. EV drivers got perks such as free parking and permission to drive bus lines, and they had exemptions from taxes and fees.

In September, 87% of new vehicle sales were fully electric. However, that statistic doesn’t give a good picture, according to climate analysis expert Ketan Joshi. The total share of EVs on Norwegian Roads in 2022 was only 20% – EVs are used as a second car.  They won’t make the 2030 goals.

Another problem is the people who can afford them are in the higher income brackets.

EVs have had unintended consequences. The gas revenue has gone down, which means they had to increase road tolls to make up the difference. So now they have a political party that’s dedicated to stopping the tolls.

Also, heavier electric vehicles are harder on roads, produce more air pollution, and pose a greater safety risk for pedestrians.

This is more evidence that US policymakers will not meet their goals in 2030. It’s time to rethink the EV plan.

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Show me someone who would buy an EV and I’ll show you someone who’d be interested in my time share condos in Joburg.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Some of those powers that be know EVs will not work for society, they want to deprive us of energy and travel. It’s part of depopulation.

Others are merely stupid leftists trying to be trendy, or others who have an economic interest in it, and candidates following the party line.

Everyone who buys an EV is taking money from us, those things are 30% subsidized. That does not include the other money spent on chargers or the subsidies homeowners get for installing solar to partially charge the car.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

I will sound like a socialist or a communist with this comment , which of course I am not, but I will say this anyway,

taking tax money paid by low income people who cannot afford an EV and giving it – gifting – that tax money to higher income people who can afford an expensive EV is very wrong.

I hate to say stuff like that but poor people are paying for a good part of rich people’s EVs

and leftists are supposed to be all for the little people !

Yet not one damn leftist is able to see this obvious fact.

Same here in Canada, I am on disability benefits because of health problems, I have a relatively low income, but I still pay taxes…the government takes some of my taxes and gives them as a gift to the rich people who can afford a brand new Tesla. ( here near Montreal there are so many Teslas on the roads, it is enough to make you dizzy )

I cannot afford a Tesla, I drive a 2010 Kia, but the government takes my taxes and gives them to rich people.

this is the opposite of socialism that leftists are supposed to be the defenders of.

Where are the leftists scandalized by this scam, this injustice where poor people finance the cars of the rich ?