MSM Misinforms, Disinforms, Ignores the Iowa School Shooting


The media is so dishonest that they won’t even put out all the details on the Iowa school shooting. The killer, Dylan Butler, was a trans-gender-fluid. That puts him in one of the media’s protected classes.

NBC News failed to mention that and only noted that he sent out social media posts right before he killed a 6th grader and wounded five others, one of whom is the school principal who spent a day in surgery and is expected to survive. That article was lacking in detail, but the daughter did explain her father would put himself in harm’s way to save others, and the Butler family is suffering too. [The Butler family had a very disturbed son, likely beyond their control.]

KCRG ignored the killer’s LGBT radicalism, and if you look at his posts, they were very radical.

The DesMoines Register said he posted a selfie and played it down in the description. The only photo they posted was his yearbook photo. They did mention that in addition to a handgun and a shotgun, he placed an IED in the school, which police neutralized.

This is the photo they posted from his yearbook. The problem is if he were a Republican, they’d post every insane thing he wrote:

CNN only described him as a gunman who posted some social media posts before he went on his spree.

Fox News also failed to mention his insane posts, much less describe them.

The AP was the worst, making the shooting a case of bullying. We can be reasonably sure the wounded Principal or the 6th grader who was killed were not bullying him.

Most of these mass shooters have left-wing tendencies for some reason. The shooter in upstate New York who killed ten black people was very far left.

The media only wants to use these situations politically. They are activists, not reporters, and they aren’t watchdogs working on behalf of the community.

The shooter wasn’t a white, heterosexual Republican male, so he falls outside the purview of the media.

When Audrey-Aidan Hale killed six people in the Covenant School, they downplayed the killer’s transgenderism, and they hid his/her Manifesto, which was partially revealed to show a motive. Audrey/Aidan hated Christians, for one.

There was a shooting in Alabama with several people killed, but the shooters and victims were black, so that was memory-holed.

When a white elderly man killed a white girl who turned around in his driveway, the media was mostly uninterested, but when a white elderly man killed a black boy at his door, the media and Joe Biden blew it up.

This story will disappear because it doesn’t have political merit, quite the opposite. Everything has been politicized left – everything. And it’s not just left, it’s far-left. They’re busy transforming us.

The photos you are not allowed to see [there are more, but this gives you an idea of what was going on with Dylan Butler, whose pronouns were he/they]:

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

The Left wants to to accept the insanity, depravity and immorality of the Left, without question. If you question the gulag or death.