Robert Mueller’s Hoax Agents Are Working for Jack Smith Now


The same people who exonerated Hillary Clinton joined the Crossfire Hurricane investigation against Donald Trump. Many were then recruited for Mueller’s team. Yesterday, we reported that the PIN operative who exonerated the Clinton Foundation is now a key operative on Jack Smith’s team that will put Donald Trump on trial in D.C. His name is Ray Hulser, and he showed up as a questionable character in the Durham report that exposed Russiagate as a hoax.

In a new article, Politico mentions the FBI Agents and the DOJ officials who signed the subpoena that stemmed from Jack Smith. They are the DC FBI agents who pursued the Mueller investigation or let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

For example, Walter Giardina worked on the shadow investigation of Donald Trump throughout the Russiagate hoax. He’s now involved in the Harrison Floyd case and has been accused of some questionable tactics with a secret subpoena. Floyd is accused along with Donald Trump in Georgia, but DC also has his case. He’s a black conservative, so he’s really in trouble.

Floyd is facing criminal charges alongside Trump and other allies in a separate probe in Georgia over election interference. And Floyd was also arrested that day in Rockville and later charged in federal court with assaulting an officer for allegedly barreling into one of the FBI agents. He said the agent tripped him. He also ran from these agents, Giardino and Christopher Meyer, because he said they didn’t identify themselves. At least one video supports his claim.

Giardina, who is assigned to the FBI’s Washington Field Office and, like Floyd, has had roles in a number of high-profile, politically charged cases in recent years. He worked with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, including on aspects of the investigation of potential foreign influence on Trump’s 2016 campaign adviser, Michael Flynn, who briefly served as national security adviser in the first weeks of Trump’s administration.

Giardina also took part in the arrest of another former Trump aide, Peter Navarro, in a Reagan National Airport jetway in 2022 on charges of defying subpoenas from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot and Trump’s broader efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Jonathan Haray was mentioned in the latest Politico article about the Jack Smith probe and has been getting awards since 2012. He’s tied to Matthew Graves – who is persecuting the J6 defendants – as well as Jack Smith and Robert Mueller. He also worked under the evil Mary McCord for some time. He left to practice law in private practice and was brought back when Jack Smith was appointed to help with the witch hunt.

The same names keep coming up. If a Republican takes office in November, they need to clean shop. It shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s the top echelon.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

They move between intelligence operations. These are defacto intel ops.

Hillary was passing confidential information via her email and devices. The framing of Trump was an active plot by intel, CIA and FBI.