Seattle residents living near the new nation of CHAZ/CHOP are frightened


Seattle residents who live near CHAZ/CHOP say they are frightened and feel unsafe.

Speaking with local news station King 5, one man said that he and his fiancee, who live near Cal Anderson Park, which has been occupied by protesters for two weeks, were living in fear.

“We’re not even here most of the time. I’m scared to live here. It’s just not conducive,” he said.

“What you want from a home is a stress-free environment. You want to be able to sleep well, you want to feel comfortable and we just don’t feel comfortable right now,” he added.

The news station said it had received “many” emails from similar people wanting to remain anonymous who all said they were afraid for their safety.

One report claims violent crime has soared 300% since the area was taken over, with robberies and rapes becoming commonplace, despite Mayor Jenny Durkan proclaiming the movement to be a potential “summer of love.”

Thefts are just unplanned donations. The exact same gibberish went on at Occupy Wall Street.

It will be the summer of love. We don’t need police!

These people are only talented at violence.

But, Tucker says it’s a good tourism spot:

As weak as the Portland Mayor Wheeler is, he’s condemning the lawlessness in Seattle.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

Hey these greenies and liberals put these socialists in office. You reap what you sow just grin and bear it. It seems that all this chaos is happening in democrat states and cities. These Marxists have no agenda except tax and spend and empty promises.

3 years ago

But Jonathan Hunt from Fox says it’s all peaceful.