Cuomo says if people don’t want this type of enforcement, then they shouldn’t have it


“What the community is now saying, all across this nation, ‘We don’t want this type of police force.’ And if they don’t want it, they shouldn’t have it,” far-left New York Governor Cuomo said about law enforcement.

Yes, Andrew, we should have law enforcement ambassadors with social work degrees like we see popping up in various cities.

The riots/protests are used to scapegoat police so the left can push their agenda through.

Cuomo issued an executive order requiring every local government — in collaboration with community members — to redesign the state’s more than 500 police forces by April 2021 or risk losing state funding. It’s a one-size-fits-all.

It could be the first step to nationalizing police, especially with Barack Obama telling local governments to adopt his anti-enforcement policing. A U.S. police force could be terrifying.

New York could be Seattle’s new nation of CHAZ/CHOP too — with very little effort on the part of Democrats. The rioters wiped out New York City and the DA won’t prosecute the offenders for the most part. The vandals who put graffiti all over St. Patrick’s Cathedral will not be charged.

New York is already on its way to anarchy.

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