Southwest Airlines’ Flight Problems Continue Into Monday & Americans Cheer


On Saturday, Southwest had to cancel 24% of its flights. By Sunday, it was 27%. The airline blamed air traffic control issues and weather for its weekend “operational challenges,” and the media backed them up. However, it is clear it’s a work stoppage.

The work slowdowns continued today with key people not showing up to work.

This shouldn’t be political. Everyone should care about what’s happening to our country.

Hundreds of flights or thousands were canceled today due to bad weather that only affects their planes:

The Pilot’s Association filed for a temporary restraining order against the airlines’ new mandate. They have the guts our medical health community does not have. KATV reported that the Dallas-based company said its workers must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8 in order to remain at the airline. Employees can seek approval to skip the shots due to medical or religious reasons.

SWAPA, the Southwest Airlines pilots union, said shortly afterward that while it was not against vaccines, “This announcement and lack of detail only fuels a growing divide that continues to erode the already strained relationship between Southwest Airlines and its Pilots’ Union,” according to KATV.

The pilots union denied it was part of a job action, but they have to say that. It’s illegal.

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