Texas doctor discusses what has cured his COV patients



During an interview on ACWT, a Texas doctor described a cure he had used successfully on every COVID patient. It is the same as the cures they are using in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Texas doctor Richard Bartlett has used a combination of medications that he says have worked on all his COVID-19 patients and he has treated many. It’s a type of medication that was used in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. Taiwan is a country of 24 million people, all stacked on top of one another, but only 7 people have died to date. In Japan, with a population of 121 million people, less than 1000 people have died. He is using the same treatment they used with the same success. Only 12 people died in Singapore.

He uses a steroid inhaler, budesonide, formerly Pulmicort, used with a nebulizer machine. Along with budesonide, he uses an antibiotic, clarithromycin, and zinc, which interferes with virus multiplication.

The doctor says it’s not necessary to pay $3100 for treatment or take a vaccine. He says this is a cure and it’s a cure in Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. He can’t understand why we would do what China is doing.

This ‘cure’ needs to be checked out.


Correction: We cannot attest to the accuracy of the doctor’s statements or whether or not it’s a cure.

Newsguard states: “…the World Health Organization told FactCheck.org in August 2020, “there is no evidence suggesting that inhaled corticosteroid[s] have reduced case fatality rate in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Iceland.” Tsung-Mei Cheng, a health policy research analyst at Princeton University, told Fact Check that she had “never” heard of such a treatment being used to control fatalities in Taiwan, noting that the country had prepared itself well for future crises after the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s.” https://www.factcheck.org/2020/08/asthma-medicine-not-proven-as-covid-19-cure/



  1. Google is working on behalf of the NWO and they do not want individual doctor’s talking about their good work in keeping COVID-19 patient’s from dying. The more death from this COVID-19, the more power they have in controlling you.

  2. “It’s not necessary to pay $3100 for treatment or take a vaccine. He says this is a cure and it’s a cure in Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. He can’t understand why we would do what China is doing.”
    The $3100 is the key to this issue, It’s the greed factor, Follow The Money. There are billions to be made and people’s lives to control.

    • Imagine coming up with a vaccine that because of this fear mongering doesnt require billions to be spent on R&D and 10 billion people buy it at $5000 a pop. Now you know Fauci and Gates motivation.

  3. Allow me to rephrase her question about germs: “Why was the Chinese government experimenting with germ warfare, anyway? And if they did this on purpose–isolate Wuhan from the rest of their country while allowing citizens from Wuhan to travel to Europe–then what are we going to do about it?” I am sure that is what she was thinking:)

  4. this is a Globalist Bio weapon and The Media and politicians and bureaucrats are also helping spread the disease and fear … Death to The Globalists and their Minions , nothing else will end this Tyranny .

  5. The doc mentioned using a prophylactic antibiotic, clarithromycin, which is badly misspelled in this article. If you fix that, non medical people will be able to look it up.

  6. Once you realize the “Death Rate” of the Bullshitarona “Virus” is on average 1/1000th of a percent of the population & that those numbers are highly suspect at least probably 50% from some other cause then that tells you that the “Virus” is All about Taking away Your Rights, Controlling You, Forcing You to Vaccinate & Costing You Wasted Time Energy & Money. The Entire Planet has become Docile Lemmings waiting for the Planned Extermination of Humans.

  7. There’s people who read about The Lancet retracted fake study use by WHO to draw conclusions on Hydroxychloroquine and still don’t believe that WHO can lie to a whole globe.
    Surgisphere, with a sci-fiction writer and an porn model as execs, couldn’t provide the data source which gives a bad reputation to Hydroxychloroquine which is in fact a cheap and effective treatment.
    The anti inflammatory medicine also is a great weapon for the cytokine storm produced in those people’s bodies, if used in the treatment program.

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