Rep. Crenshaw Shows His Authoritarian Side on Fox


Rep. Dan Crenshaw had no problem misrepresenting what Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy said on Fox & Friends and he refuses to have an open mind about Ukraine. He’s wrong on a lot of things but this is his latest attempt to twist the words of someone to make his point.

Mrs. Campos-Duffy courageously spoke out about the need to debate the war fairly without being called a Putin supporter or a traitor. Obviously, Crenshaw disagrees and believes there is only one right opinion.

Dan Crenshaw: “Yeah, I don’t think it’s as evenly split on the Republican side as you make it seem. I think it is a very small minority who say that we shouldn’t care about what goes on in the world…

Rachel Campos-Duffy: “That’s not what I said.”

Dan Crenshaw: “I know but that’s what a lot of people say. And they do repeat Putin’s talking points. And that’s a problem when they start repeating Putin’s talking points and repeating lies about Ukrainians… Alliances do matter… It is not America First to watch around the world as Russia and China take over and destroy our allies. That’s America last.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy: I appreciate your perspective but since you did say ‘repeating Russian talking points’ I’m just going to have to push back. I’m not repeating Russian talking points… I represent the way a lot of other conservatives feel and I don’t think they’re repeating Russian talking points.

Crenshaw repeated supposed right-wing talking points that I have never heard nor did the hosts. He seems to hate conservatives — just an opinion.

Mrs. Campos-Duffy is correct. We do need to go back to the debate, thinking independently, and not allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by the prevailing and acceptable narrative.

The thing that strikes me as indicative of who he is are comments he made recently stating that he’s a rabid supporter of anti-Trump warmonger Liz Cheney. He said she’s a “principled leader” and has “his full support.” Look here if you don’t believe it.


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jack johnson
jack johnson
1 year ago

Crenshaw is Adam Kinzinger with an eye patch. With the science of prosthetics and modern medicine who would walk around with a black eye patch except someone craving attention. He`s a sociopath.

Quad Damage vs Shambler
Quad Damage vs Shambler
1 year ago

The WEF buttboy doesn’t fool anyone, not even himself.
Klaus’ rump Schwab will do as he is told while playing up the Jolly Roger schtick.

1 year ago

Crenshaw is a RINO because he is unwilling to air America’s Dirty Laundry. Crenshaw is a Patriot, but has a blind spot as the member of a SEAL Team as he most likely contributed to CIA Dirty Tricks during his Military Career. There’s a fine line between right and wrong in many military operations and in many cases it’s only with age, wisdom, and hindsight that you can see when you crossed over the line.