CDC Reduces Pediatric COVID Deaths by 24%


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has removed tens of thousands of deaths linked to COVID-19, including nearly a quarter of deaths it had listed in those under 18 years old.

The health agency quietly changed its data tracker website on March 15.

“Data on deaths were adjusted after resolving a coding logic error. This resulted in decreased death counts across all demographic categories,” the CDC says on the site.

Doctors, including CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, cite these statistics and use them to set policy.

In November 2021, Walensky used the stats to push a panel of experts to recommend the CDC lobby for the vaccination for all children 5- to 11 years old.

The CDC originally listed 1,755 children dying from COVID-19 and approximately 851,000 others. Currently, the CDC lists 416 deaths among children and 71,000 elsewhere, bringing the total to 780,000.

We can’t wait to see what else comes out!

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Roger Moore as the Clown
Roger Moore as the Clown
1 year ago

Clowns Doing Clown things.
They hope all white children catch it?

1 year ago

When it comes to vaccinations this is better late than never, good for the NH congress to stand up and give the SCIENCE nutjobs the middle finger………….The New Hampshire House on Wednesday passed a bill allowing the state’s pharmacists to dispense ivermectin over the counter, without a prescription. HB 1022 also prevents New Hampshire medical licensing boards from disciplining doctors for prescribing the drug.